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woofie 08-23-2009 06:36 PM

Honda pressure washer help
My Honda model gx160 pressure washer water intake connection heats up when idling which results in garden hose bursting. Anyone know what the problem is?

Thurman 08-25-2009 03:40 PM

This I do know: When a pressure washer is idling, there is no water going through the pump which will cause the pump to heat up, on most models. Some models have a relief valve which will allow some water to "burp" out occasionally, to prevent heat build-up. IMO- is sounds as if you are allowing your pump to run without relieving water through the spray gun often enough, your pump is getting hot which in turn feeds back to your inlet connection and your water hose causing it to burst. With all due respect: it also sounds as if your water hose may have been one of the plastic type which will not take heat and static pressure. I have a 15 HP, 4200 PSI unit and between the water inlet connection and my water hose there is a 6" long flexible hose with a spring around it which is rated for high temp and high pressure. I'm sure I got it at Northern Tool, check on that. I also use only a rubber water hose rated for over 100 psi with this unit. Good Luck, David

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