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Homeowners Insurance

my homeowners insurance through statefarm is due soon for renewal. i was going to renew with my current captive statefarm agent, but then, i received a much lower quote ($200 less) from an independent agent who represents a multitide of insurance companies like Kemper.

2 questions:

what are your thoughts on independent insurance agents, who in theory should have the best price since they don't represent only one company?

who do you use/like for homeowners insurance?


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Every insurance company classifies risks differently, hence the differences in premiums. The first thing I would do is verify that the policy the independent agent is quoting has the same coverages, limits, and deductibles as what you now have. Then I'd check with Consumer Reports or other rating organization to see what they think of Kemper (or whoever the quoted policy is from). I have no experience with independent agents so can't comment on that.

Personally, I have my home and five vehicles insured through State Farm (have been with them for over 30 years). Are there cheaper companies? Probably. Do I care? No. Every time I send in one of those "request for quote" things that come in the mail, it's always much more than I currently pay (some have been nearly double). It's just not worth my time to keep shopping around.


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It can't hurt to shop around but do it live with a person. The online quotes don't always get you the best coverage. Far too often the decision is based on the premium price vs. the coverage.

IMO, independent agents will get you the best price since they can shop various companies. Combining your auto may get you more discounts too.
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If you also insure with SF as auto, be sure to factor in the discount that you will lose for the combination. If you've got a $200 discount for combining home and auto, then looks like you stay the same by going with someone else.
Do it right from the beginning if you only want to do the job once. It'll be cheaper in the long term.
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Your best to bundle. One insurance company covers everything. I have all-state home+auto.
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The other thing to think about is, how is their claim settlement ?
I've never had a problem with State Farm. Reasonable and prompt claim settlement.

There are a few other companies that attempt to screw you on the claim, or drag it out for ages.

Whatever company you are considering, try to talk with people that have filed claims with that company. How happy were they with the claim settlement ?
Is there a local claim agent ? How involved is the independent agent in the claim process ? Can he/she go to bat for you with the company ?
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I have Am Fam auto insurance, it's the cheapest in the area. But their house insurance is so high even bundled, that I can buy it cheaper from another company, but the other company is a lot higher on auto. You just need to shop around. We recently had a large storm with both auto and home damage and both paid within a week.
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emmett vaughan told me to always go through an independent agent.
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Independent agent would be appropriate.
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all of them have history of screwing people over, There is just no way around that. I have statefarm insurance and have been screwed over more time's than taken care of, but have friend's who like the other poster's above have no problem's with statefarm. Best you can do is shop around, and read carefully, ask question's about anything you don't understand so no surprise's pop up at one of those unfortunate time's. Good luck
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My in-laws had Allstate on their home for 30+ years. They finally had a claim and after the house was fixed, Allstate dumped them.
The ads in my post are there without my permission. I do not endorse any of the products.
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We were able to get a lower rate with State Farm through our agent, by doing the bundling of the vehicles with the home. If your current agent is not willing to work with you, find another State Farm agent.

The one we have, my wife went through h.s. with him, and has used him since he got his license. We have never had any issues with his office, even when we moved my car insurance from my agent with State Farm, who passed away, over to his office.

I personally do not like these brokers that try to find you the better deal, by comparing what you have to the others. You end up getting royally screwed in the end by the broker, because it costs you more to use some company like this, then just going to your existing company and working the deal with them.
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Insurance can be controlled the actuaries (regionally adjusted) regarding coverage and premiums.

My mother had a lake home that she finally moved into as a permanent residence. Being a very honest Scandinavian, she always filled out routine questionnaires and then revealed that she had added a professionally installed, code compliant wood burning Franklin stove (lots of good wood around for her to cut, split and age). - She got a rejection loetter on the home owners policy and they would not quote her any price because of exposure of the density of policies in the area. This is similar to some practices in areas that have had bad experiences with hurricanes and catastrophes (hurricanes in FL and the Gulf) that are made to spread out the risk.

She had an independent agent and he found another company for home owners coverage that was a few pennies more than she was paying, so she switched the home and car (less than 4,000 miles per years) to another company.

The agent explained that the company was trying to eliminate exposure in an area, even though the the history on proper wood fired stoves had been very good. - It was good since the agent was her nephew and he explained that she could keep driving and cutting wood part-time(at 70 years old). No one noticed that the LP "pig" tank was too close to the house. - She then added a second Franklin in the lower level walk out and personally veneered the walk-out side to the lake so it would be "cozier" in the winter.



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