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<From this thread, it sounds like you are hard to please, which is not a negative thing, but it does mean you should also just NOT sign a contract that you are unhappy with and save yourself a lot of heartache after the sale>

In summary, what this thread is all about is:
1. Contracts written up to favor the company.
2. Installers hired by the company not properly screened for quality installs.
3. When one hires companies like "Pella" and a Brand Named recognized installing dealer for a hvac system, then one should expect a quality and correct installation. In the first instance, I did not get a quality install on the bay window. What good is it to use foam insulation to block air infiltration, if the workers leaves air gaps. What good does it do to drill holes in brick with hollow spaces in it to place anchors. What good is it if outside caulking is not continous, leaving gaps where air can enter. In the second instance, it was not a correct installation. It took 2 AC seasons of complaining to the HVAC owner that the ac was not performing like the brochure stated. (it was a dehumidification problem). He was uncooperative and I had to contact the "Bryant" district install manager myself to get it resolved. The district manager and a techician from the installing company came and fixed it to my satisfaction finally. The fault was that a TXV should have been installed. I'll leave it to the techs on this forum as to speculation, why it was not installed originally.

I don't believe I am hard to please. When one hires companies with a big name and/or factory approved installing dealers, then I expect to pay for what I get. But that's the problem, I did not get what I paid for.


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[quote=rjordan392;107971In summary, what this thread is all about is:
1. Contracts written up to favor the company. .[/quote]

Contracts should provide protection for both parties. If you feel that a contract does not have your best interest at hand, DON'T SIGN IT.

Like others have said, having a contract that says you agree not to interfere with the workers, hardly gives the company an unfair advantage.

You have every right to be happy with the work and to get what you paid for, it doesn't matter if it's the big national guys, or the local father and son operation. I don't dispute that, but one of your complaints was "workers cutting with dull tools".... You also mentioned being banned from another forum, having arguments with other professionals, and being the best handyman you know. That's what i meant by seeming hard to please

As far as your HVAC situation, I have no idea if you were right or wrong, but I will say there is a huge difference between being right, and having someone give into your demands because you've been nagging them for two years!

My advice is still the same. Contact Pella. They are a great company who will stand behind their products and it's installation. You do have some legitimate concerns that should be addressed
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Originally Posted by rjordan392 View Post
...I don't believe I am hard to please. When one hires companies with a big name and/or factory approved installing dealers, then I expect to pay for what I get. But that's the problem, I did not get what I paid for.
I am sorry that you have gone thru all this. But ranting on here endlessly, is not going to change matters. If you feel that you have received legitimate poorly installed goods, then document it all, and contact Pella.

Originally Posted by rjordan392 View Post
...The signiture I use refers to people like myself who know better then to let contractors give me some bull about professionalism, when they themselves do something wrong or hire employee's who fail to install in a craftmanship manner.
I understand your frustration, but please don't wage a smear compaign against all professional contractors because of your unfortunate experience.
Remember, you didn't hire them. You hired a company that hired them.

That is hardly grounds to assault all professional contractors, and accuse them of being untrustworthy, unskilled, and unscrupulous.

We did a multi-phase project for a home owner, with a lot of future work. He continually tried to get us to do free work, and seek to exploit our workers and skills. We finished up all the existing contracts and booked ourselves elsewhere. We saw it coming, and he ended up screwing us out of only $5K (instead of alot more).
That was a horrible experience. Does that give me the grounds to feel that, now, every home owner is trying to exploit our workers and get free work from my company, and that I can't trust every home owner?
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I may have given you and others the impression that these two jobs were not resolved to my satisfaction, well almost. The bay window problems were resolved about 80% . More foam to fill in the gaps was added and the caulking was added where missed but the only economical or efficient way to address the anchors that were not installed properly, even though they appeared to be holding, was to cover up the scews which was a butcher job, and cover it with alumuinum trim. I agreed to this only because the other option was to take out the brick and replace it with new brick and then after the mortor cured, drill new holes for the anchors between the bricks. The anchors and screws are used for attaching two bottom supports. The cable system that came with the bay window would not work due to the thickness of the wall being less then desirable and the window does project quite a bit past the face of the brick. I told their inspector to go ahead with the repairs rather then let their contractors replace the bricks.
This problem was resolved in about a two week period. So I am thankful for that and hope the supports do not come loose in the future.

Now for the hvac problem, all the service technician did was check the operation of the compressor even though I explained that the thermostats commands were not being understood at the furnace controls. My home was not being dehumidified. There was nothing wrong with the compressor. He checked the pressure and all checked out ok. I paid for his service call and then took out the install manual and read a passage where it was mentioned that a txv needs to be installed depending on what type of evaporator was being installed. So when I confronted the owner of the business of my suspicions; he stated he could not do anything more for me. I asked him then, how do you explain the system not operating as stated on the factory brochure. He said, everything was installed according to factory recommendations. That's when I decided to notify the factory of the lack of cooperation of this dealer to troubleshoot the problem further then just checking the compressor. When I talked to the factory troubleshooter, he said he's sure he knows what is causing the lack of proper humidity removal and would come to my house with a technician and troubleshoot the problem. Sure enough, my suspicions were correct and the adding of a txv solved the problem. But two ac seasons went by before it was solved.

I don't call these problems a RANT. Its a warning to all homeowners to investigate further the skills of the contractors and find out the proper installation methods before work is started and watch while they work.
In a lot of cases, getting these methods may be hard to acquire.


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