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Holes in wall where curtains were

I don't even know for sure if I am asking in the right section but I figured carpentry was close!

I just purchased a house and I am going to hang some outside mount blinds above the windows. You can see where tons of previous occupants of the homes have had different mounting devices drilled into the wall.

There are even a few rooms to cover this up, they took a board, painted it the color of the wall, and nailed it to cover all that up. I ripped those down because it looks really cheap.

Now my question is what is the best way to repair this so I can drill some holes that will actually hold and get rip of all the other holes. I know they have kits that you can use in order to "cover" holes and you can see some of the metal mesh pieces that come in those kits already installed in these walls where people tried to cover them up before. If anyone has an ideas of how I can cover all this up and start from "scratch" I guess you could say so it doesn't look so terrible please let me know! I appreciate it!



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WIthout seeing how bad it is it's hard to tell you how to fix it.


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Awesome.I will upload a picture and maybe it will be enough for you to give some advice! Thanks a lot.
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Are these lath and plaster or drywall walls?

Do post pictures. I guess either way you may end up finding it is better to demo a portion of the wall with all the patches and fit a drywall patch or a plaster patch.

It would be nice if you could mount your new brackets for external mount blinds into the header and not just the surface material. You might have to buy some longer screws but I throw the ones that come with blind hardware away first thing anyhow. They are the cheapest of cheap and the heads strip and break. If you do not have header material for some reason where the brackets are going to go you will at least have a new patch you can trust with screw anchors.

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Are the holes in the wood casing, or the drywall / plaster beside it? (in case the picture doesn't show up)
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They are in the dry wall surrounding just above the window. I will post a picture tomorrow and see what you guys think. Thanks!!
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I would probably use some sort of drywall anchor. Plenty to choose from just look at your local home store and see what size you will need for the weight of blinds. Just use regular drywall mud to fill in small holes and use a mess to cover larger holes. Here is a little tip i have used in the past when using drywall anchors. I have used the ones that look like a big screw that self drill into the drywall but the tip ends up hitting the block exterior wall. Not sure if this will even be a issue for you but i start to drill the anchor into the wall and once it starts to bite before it bottoms out i pull it out and cut off the tip that self drills and reinsert the main body of the anchor and then hang away. Good luck
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I use spackling for small holes, drywall mud for larger shallow areas. If you're saying that you need to mount the brackets in damaged areas you might need to replace the drywall in that area (from stud to stud). Obviously the easier way is to find good drywall above or to the sides. Or blinds that mount inside the window opening.
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Mini blinds that install inside the window frames would be the correct way to go.

To cover the bad spots, you might consider going to a longer than necessary curtain rod - thus making the mounting points outside the damaged area.

I ran into this same problem due to old wall anchors working loose. I used an expanding metal wall anchor like this one - since you drill a hole first, they don't damage the wall when you insert them, and the expanding portion grabs the back of the drywall, leaving a solid connection to hang the brackets.


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