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KUIPORNG 04-22-2010 09:11 AM

Hire Designer Or Not for Basement?
Hi Everyone,

I have done a basement renovation myself.... result is not satisfactory.... as I am not good at design... now the basement is going to pass to the new home owner.... and I have the opportunity to start from scatch... this time as this house is going to be my final "house" in my life... I want to treat it with respect... and do everything right .... so I will hire a designer to design the unfinished basement....

last time I document how I finish the basement myself...

this time I will document how I hire professional to finish the basement....

here it goes.

Last night, the designer discuss the draft plan for us... we are so excited... we pay $3000 to him to do the job.... and we already feel it worths it... His design is so details... he thinks of every single details we kind of don't care if we do it ourself... and he try to use all space if possible making it practical, looks nice...etc.... not sure if it is legal for me to scan his plan so... so I can't do it.... but it is so cool.....

like everything else... my wife will bug me for every decision I made... try to blame me for everything.... so same for hiring the designer... after last night... she is kind of silent for that topic.... this is a good indicator for hiring a designer being a good decision....

will keep you post.....

Willie T 04-22-2010 09:46 AM

If you can work with a designer (and this is sometimes a big IF) their services and insight can be well worth that amount of money. It works out to just over a buck and a half's worth of comfort and peace of mind, per day, over the next five years.

KUIPORNG 04-22-2010 11:17 AM

it shouldn't be too difficult to work with designer
I really don't see it be difficult to work with designer once you and him/her agree on the pricing... the person I work with say 10% of the construction cost is the norm...

because it is mutual benefit to make the job well done...

for you, you want a better place to live

for him, he want a better profoliio and personal pride....

in my case, the designer is recommend from someone I know and I saw the end result of his finished basement.... and I think another thing to me is important... he is also a Christian or at least appears to be.... which reduce chance of me being rip off....

so I suppose it would be more difficult and different experience if just finding a designer from yellowpage.

yummy mummy 04-22-2010 11:28 AM

Yes, most definitely a designer is worth it.

They think of all details which you may not think of at the time.

I am so glad you are back Kui****g! I will learn, once again a lot from you.

And by the way, your basement that you finished yourself, was very very nice.

Snav 04-22-2010 11:30 AM

DIY isn't for everyone - or - the planning isn't for everyone or some but not all of the work.

If you can't pull off everything then spare yourself the agony, absolutely. I'd hire a designer if I could afford it - and assistance and be done with it if I could!

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