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pastafarian 10-12-2007 12:04 PM

Help! Window is leaking.
Last year we noticed minor leaking from inside some of our window frames during heavy rains. We put the spray-in foam where we thought the leak was coming from (in the window frame). We found out that was not the cause when we got the first heavy rain this year.

I am not sure how to proceed. This could be leak(s) in the roof resulting in a systematic leak that is only apparent when it comes through windows or it could be coming through the flashing or it could just be something with the windows and how they were put in by the previous owner.

Should I bring in a general contractor? or a roofer? or something else? How can I protect myself from getting into undue cost (since it's kind of a mystery to me). I'm pretty novice at this stuff.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

cibula11 10-12-2007 01:46 PM

What type of siding do you have? Do you have brick mould or another type of trim around the exterior of your window?

When trim is put on, it is common practice to caulk around and seal any gaps between the moulding and siding. After time and weather take their toll, some of this caulking begins to break away from the siding and form a small crack where water can seep in. I had a similar problem and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then I looked at the top of my brick mould and their was a small gap from weathered caulking.

If there is moisture above the window nearer to the ceiling or on the ceiling check your attic for signs of water.

pastafarian 10-12-2007 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by cibula11 (Post 67777)
What type of siding do you have? Do you have brick mould or another type of trim around the exterior of your window?

It's a stucco exterior and no bricks. The edges of the window see to be sealed pretty well and covered. There ar eno visible cracks. So I am leaning towards possibility of water leaking through the roof or something and trickling throught he window frame. There are no water marks on the ceiling though.

I guess the first step would be to get a handyman to find if the roof is leaking... I suppose they can find out by hosing down the rood and looking for leaks int he attic?

Fit-it 10-12-2007 06:27 PM

leaking windows
We had windows that leaked. The windows were defective. To prove to the window manufacturer we put duck tape crossed the out side of the sill and made like a pan. We poured water in it and the water leaked on the sides of window at bottom. We had 12 that were like this. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

cibula11 10-14-2007 08:56 AM

If you can access the attic easily, you won't need to hire anyone. If there is a leak, regardless of how much or when you received rain, you will see darkened spots where a leak is.

The other DIY option is to get a moisture reader and test the areas around your window all the way up your wall and see if there is moisture present. If there is you should be able to trace it to the source.

pastafarian 10-14-2007 10:43 AM

Thanks for the advice. We took a hose and put water directly on the outside wall above the window frame and sure enough water started leaking through the window frame and inside the house. I still can't see any visible cracks around the window frame on the outside wall though. But somehow water is getting into the window and in the house .

redline 10-14-2007 07:47 PM

You will have to try a few test first.

This time just spray water on one side of the window.
If water is seen inside then look more closely at the are that the water wa sprayed on.

If water does not leak then wait some time and then spray water on the opposite side. If water leaks inside then further investigate for gaps around the window.

Try to locate the leak by testing smaller areas instead of just spraying the entire window area.

Amber 10-16-2007 03:11 PM

You had mentioned I believe that the windows were installed by the previous homeowner. Are these retro windows then? If so then the window flange will actually extend past the stucco on the outside of the home. If this is the case retro fit windows have intregal weeping systems built into them. You should have weep holes visible from the outside of the window. Make sure that these holes are free and clear of any debris. Sounds simple, but I have ran into a few cases were this was the problem. In the event that you believe that the windows are in fact defective it's best to contact the manufacturer and allow them to conduct tests. This should be free to you as long as you are still under warranty.

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