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Renovator 05-30-2006 12:14 PM

Help On Pricing Work
I am A Remodeler and and do occasional odd jobs as a handyman. I would appreciate some input on 2 project people have asked me to do.

First Project:

Install Tile floor in entryway (3ft x 12ft).
Remove 3 doors and install 6-Panel Oak Doors w/moulding.
Cut a hole and install a closet in the entry hall (2ft x 2ft)
Move wall switch from wall (where closet is going) to other side of hall.
(all nails, morter etc. to be supplied by ME).

Second Project

Remodel a Bathroom (6ft x 7ft) GUT and rebuild.
Remove and Replace Subfoor.
Install a Whirlpool tub and 2 new electrical (GFCI) circuits
(note the basement is unfinished and its a 15ft straight back to the breaker panel).
Install new ceiling fan and light fixture
Install Tile all 4 walls, up to 7ft.
Remove door (checge to an entryway with moulding.
Move existing door around the corner and 2ft into the hallway. (i.e. bathroom gains a 3ft x 3ft space that was a linen closet.
move existing closet light and change to a recessed light with switch
All supplies provided by customer.

I have done all of the above for myself, but not in a Handyman capacity (oh yea I am in the Chicago land area).

Therfore I am at a loss as what to CHARGE for these projects. I have done work for these customers in the past. Just not as much as they want now. Time is not a factor as either of them are will to wait up to 6 months for the work. I want to be fair in my estimate without overcharging.

Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated.

Big Dave 05-30-2006 12:33 PM

Figure how long it will take you and then charge what you think you are worth at an hourly rate. Always add extra time for unforseen occurances.


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