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timt09 12-23-2009 09:21 AM

Help Please... Furnace Issues
Recently my oil burner motor on my boiler (single fuel line) cut out and was overheating which was shutting down my burner. The motor and pump were replaced and since then I have not been able to start up my burner by priming it. The strange thing is that when the motor starts up, I hear gurgling in the fuel tank, almost like the motor/pump is pushing air in the tank instead of pumping fuel out to feed the burner (like it's running in reverse). The wiring to the new motor was rigged exactly the same when it was replaced. The wiring on the motor was reversed and the same noise in the fuel tank is present and no prime occurs either. Overall, no fuel comes out of the bleeder when it runs despite a recent fuel filter replacement - fuel enters the filter block without an issue so I know my tank has enough fuel too. The gauge on the tank reads 1/4 full and also the fuel filter housing is located immediately adjacent to the burner pump, not next to the tank so there are no issues with the feed line. The motor to pump coupler is OK as far as I can see also. Any thoughts as to why it won't prime and also what is this gurgling noise??? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Maintenance 6 12-23-2009 01:52 PM

Is the new pump the same manufacturer as the original and is the fuel line threaded into the same port? And, are you sure you got a pump that spins the same direction as the old pump? Finally, is the motor turning the proper direction?

Thurman 12-23-2009 08:45 PM

I'm not a furnace expert for sure, but pumps--I've worked on many. There is a way to do this, how difficult it would be to you, I don't know. Rig up two lines/hoses which would attach to the pump as the present fittings would do. Place a couple of gallons of fuel oil into a bucket-and be very careful here even though fuel oil is not like gas. Place one line/hose into the bucket from what you know believe is the suction side of the pump, and place the other line/hose from what you believe is the discharge side of the pump. Do whatever is required to run the pump for just a few seconds to see which way the fuel actually moves through the pump. Once you know for sure which way the pump moves fuel, then you will know if the permanent lines are connected correctly. IF the pump moves fuel the way you had believed, and pumps fine for those few seconds, then I would be stumped on site. Unless there may be an internal bleed-back in the pump for pressure relief and the excess pressure returning to the tank is causing the noise. As "maintenance 6" suggested, check all you can about the replacement pump to see if it is compatible with your furnace. But, this should fall back on the repair company IMO. Thanks, David

timt09 12-26-2009 10:35 PM

Hi. Thank you for your feedback - it is greatly appreciated! The pump and motor that were replaced were exact replicas (same model #'s and manufacture's) and all the fuel lines and wiring were connected exactly the same. I managed to take a peak at the pump coupler while it was running and found the motor spinning in the opposite direction which is what I thought was the case before. This, I imagine is the reason there is no prime and the cause of the gurgling sound (air being pumped into the tank). The wiring was connected exactly the same (i'm fairly sure of the this) as the old motor and I even tried previously to switch the wires and still there was gurgling in the tank and no prime. I'm now thinking there is something wrong with the main control which may be causing the motor to malfunction? Any thoughts on this?

beenthere 12-26-2009 11:46 PM

The motor is reversible. Look on its end bell for instructions.

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