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ryanatw 04-20-2013 11:20 AM

Help with dehumidifier drain tube location!! (weep holes?)
Hello, my basement is partitioned into two sides. Ones side is semi finished and the other is not. The side that is semi finished has the dehumidifier in it but the other side of the basement has the sump pump.

I am tired of draining the water bucket for the dehumidifier every 4 days. The problem is if I put the dehumidifier in the room with the sump pump, the semi finished side stays too moist.

Is it suitable to run a dehumidifier drain tube into the wall on the semi finished side where the waterproofing system was installed years ago? I could drill through the plastic at the bottom and feed the drain tube into one of the weep holes drilled into the cinder block.

Is this suitable for allowing the drain to to drip into that channel or am I asking for problems?

I can't see too many other alternatives...:(

user1007 04-20-2013 11:47 AM

As long as the sump is downhill all the way from the dehumidifier, why not just drill a small hole through the wall and run tubing to the sump? I would want to be able to keep an eye on it and not hide it in the wall.

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