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mwpiper 10-02-2012 08:49 PM

Hail no!
St. Louis got slammed with a hail storm on the April 28. I was working on a string trimmer under the carport when it started and managed to get the front of my van under the carport before the hail got serious. Hail is not a pleasant experience. The result is that the insurance companies have basically reroofed every neighborhood for about a 20 mile path of the storm.

Our immediate damage was my son's windshield (his car looks like a golf ball now) some dents on mine (the part not under the carport) more dents on the aluminum patio cover and the gutters. I looked at the roof from the ground and didn't see anything obvious. The roof is 10 years old and was replaced in '02 due to hail. In that case, I was concerned that something might be amiss because the roofing nails backed out causing the whole roof to look pimply. No sign of that this time.

Mistake number 1:

Lesson number 1: When all around you are putting tarps on their roofs because the hail blasted through them, assume that your roof may be damaged, too.

In May, we went to my daughter's graduation in Florida, got home after driving 1,000 miles and within an hour of plopping into a seat that wasn't moving, a contractor showed up at the door offering to do a free inspection of the roof.

Mistake number 2:

Lesson number 2: Don't use contractors who come knocking at your door.

I had seen their truck for a year at a house a few doors down from my father's house and presumed that they were local and not a fly by night following the storm. Wrong. The house was rented. They had come to town following a previous storm. If one learns lesson #1, one can be in control of the who you deal with...avoiding mistake #2.

Turns out one can see a lot more from on the roof than from on the ground. The contractor that shall not be named reported the roof as clobbered. I went up on the carport (built up gabled roof with shingles) and looked at one of the places they said their was a hole. Even looking down it looked OK, but when I slid my hand under the tab, there was a hole clear through it. I was seeing the shingle underneath.

So insurance adjuster comes out, $11,000 worth of damage. Yeah, Lesson #1 is really important.

mwpiper 10-02-2012 10:16 PM

Chapter 2
So at this point with insurance money burning a hole in my hot little hand, I should have gotten bids from real contractors. But no...o...o...o...o. I stick with the guys who showed up at my door. :wallbash:

Normally, one would have the contractor repair all the stuff that the insurance guy pointed out. But there is nothing normal about my 1928 craftsman bungalow. There was lots of rotten wood on the exterior. Some of it was 82 year old original lumber. Some of it was stuff I had replaced about 15-17 years ago that just rotted about as fast as wood could rot (double primed and painted on the ground, but not pressure treated or anything) There were parts of the roof decking I suspected were unsafe to walk on due to rot and strange construction. These lumber issues were not part of the damage but I was not going to have a new roof put on and not have them addressed. So this was going to cost money (beyond the deductibles).

So first, I decided to break the job up. (First smart thing I've done on this project) The contractor who will not be named would do the house roofing, replace a bunch of decking and the rotted facias and end rafters (craftsman bungalow with long roof overhangs with end rafters suspended from the decking). They would also rebuild the front porch which has exposed rafters under the decking. They had been damaged when the porch roof had gone bad some time in the distant past. Some were rotted from the top down almost halfway through. We counted them out while laying out the work. Fourteen the end rafters...and the decking over them since it's hard to replace rafters without replacing the decking. (I thought)

The exposed end rafters have a small scroll carved into them When I had replaced the rafters before, I had recreated the scrolls and I wanted them preserved this time as well.

(Sidebar: My house is a POS. It was badly designed, badly constructed and continuing through my 24 year tenure, badly maintained. But it's what we've got and first (and only) mate and I figure we're going to die here. The dump has a certain charm and I try to preserve the architecture were I can :end sidebar)

I am not a big fan of contractors. I knew I was never going to be able to reshingle the whole roof and timing and sequencing precluded me getting the carpentry done before the roofers showed up, so I had them doing their part, but I knew they would blow the scroll works. So the agreement was that they would deliver the material, my wife and I would prepare it and they would install it. Preparation would consist of scrolling, priming and painting. Four of the end rafters are over 22' long. I was hoping that something that long was available, but it might have to be spliced. Sure sounded like a plan.

After about two weeks, no material. The entire project timeline was contingent on our preparations. No material. No preparation. So I finally
told the contractor who will not be named that I would get the rafter/fascia material myself.

Based on my experience with the previous rotting wood, my rule now is nothing goes on the outside that isn't weather proof, either pressure treated wood, PVC, cement fiberboard or similarly enduring. Cellular PVC is EXPENSIVE and my house simply isn't worthy of it. So I went with pressure treated, kiln dried after treatment wood from a real lumber yard. There was no 24' boards to be found that didn't involve special cut lumber and once again, my house is unworthy of that kind of investment. So two 12 footers get spliced into a 24 footer.

The day that we started working on the preparation the Long, Hot Summer descended on St. Louis. One hundred six degrees the first day. Got up to 108. But we persevered and did our part and I called the contractor to finish the roof.:clap:

mwpiper 10-02-2012 10:44 PM

Chapter 3
It begins.

Shingles and stuff was delivered up on my roof one Friday. Following Thursday at 7:30 the subcontractor shows up and parks a big trailer in my driveway.

(Sidebar: One of the things that has become ubiquitous in St. Louis since the hail storm is the roofing trailer. I don't remember seeing one before, but now it's like they're every fifth trailer I see going down the road as St Louis becomes the epicenter of the roofing industry. A big double axle, open box trailer shedding roofing nails down every street in town. And now I have my very own in my driveway. Woohoo! :thumbup: )

About 8:00 the rest of the subcontracting crew (yes, that would be the Mexicans) and the Contractor who will not be named people showed up. I had taken off from work to ensure the fascia pieces were put in the right places. I had missed the previous roof installation and this job was going to be more complicated.

The roof has two levels, a 4" rise (walkable) and a 9" rise (not walkable by me). First thing I notice is that the six subcontractor people are all wearing fall restraint harnesses but not a one of them has a rope attached. One guy at least held onto a rope while peeling up shingles with a garden pitch fork. But they moved around like they had done all this before. By noon the old shingles are gone and I get my first (and probably last) look at the roof decking. Pahhh! I think the builders were going down the street finding random pieces of wood to stick on the roof. The contractor who will not be named people were working on the porch a little bit, and I was waiting for the roofers to start replacing the wood when I noticed that the roofers were starting to lay down felt paper.

Maybe it's just me...but I would think that carpentry goes better before the shingles go down rather than after.

Yes. That sound I hear is the job circling the drain.

to be continued...

user1007 10-03-2012 12:15 AM

Missouri, 6M people and fewer last names than Kentucky.

Not sure if you were just venting or had a question or two?

Mike in Arkansas 10-03-2012 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by sdsester (Post 1022628)
Missouri, 6M people and fewer last names than Kentucky.

Not sure if you were just venting or had a question or two?

Venting of course. Very intertaining too.:thumbup: Please continue.

notmrjohn 10-03-2012 04:59 PM

"I am not a big fan of contractors." Maybe if you'd hired one instead of a door to door solicitor, you'd have your 24' rafters with scrolls on the ends, properly decked roof, and a driveway swept clean. You do realize where you are don't you?

" hard to replace rafters without replacing the decking. (I thought)" We've alraedy seen a few examples of your thought process. And rafters that are 'suspended" under decking are real easy to replace.

" (yes, that would be the Mexicans)" right about here is where it got uninteresting.

Seems like the proper place for venting, without any question, and I mean that in more than one way, is way down at the bottom in "Off Topic"

notmrjohn 10-03-2012 08:56 PM

Its all that maple syrup, that's other reason for the condition. You best watch it sd, they gonna burn your house down.
Goll Durn! I can help! How could I forget?
My Great Grandmother was short little feisty woman with black hair and shiny black eyes, she had French maiden and married name, but she was Métis from Red River of the North, came down to this Red River in covered wagon ( there is Red River in Nam too, this is getting scarily coinkydinkle)

But I too can stand tall and say "I too am CANADIAN!" I can prove it;
O, Canada!
Somewhere to the North,
Mumble, something mumble,
And mumble, we'll go forth!

OK, I'm only partly Canadian, (my left knee I think) but watch it sd, I got an aspen shafted match and a can of Canola oil.

And we got armadillos here, they're members of the order Edentata too, and I'll sic one on ya. It'll gum ya to death, or death from boredom.
Hah! Thought you'd get me, even by throwing in that N, but I took zoology, I know what edentulous means. Since I took zoology, the armadillo has been moved to the order Xenartthra, which means "strange joint" and i been in a few of those too.

user1007 10-03-2012 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by creeper (Post 1023349)

Beyond funny Jan. Thanks. You will be spared during my planned invasion.:laughing::laughing::laughing:

creeper 10-03-2012 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by sdsester (Post 1023375)
Beyond funny Jan. Thanks. You will be spared during my planned invasion.:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Merci mon ami

user1007 10-03-2012 10:35 PM

Vos yeux de loup me hanter. Je sais que tous les Canadiens ne sont pas si mauvais que ça. S'il vous plaît ne prenez pas ma haine de Paris à partir de me.and «Laissez-les manger le gâteau" me frappe encore en tant que moyenne. Je ne fait aiment passer du temps à Montréal. C'est pourquoi je dis que nous envahissent leur premier. Sauf si il ya encore un soulèvement indigène.?

creeper 10-03-2012 11:28 PM

J'ai essayé de fnd un avatar avec les yeux Creeper, mais je me suis installé pour ces magnifiques yeux de loup. Ils sont un peu obsédant, je suis d'accord.
Marie-Antoinette n'aurait jamais accepté de Montréal comme une véritable ville française. Qui pourrait, après avoir vécu à Paris?
J'ai cependant est né à Pierre Fond, une banlieue de Montréal

Élevé à Toronto, alors n'hésitez pas à envahir le Québec tout ce que vous voulez, il suffit de laisser nos bien-aimés Orientaux seuls, s'il vous plaît

creeper 10-04-2012 04:38 AM

Shucks Steve, le déménageur message a bloqué à nouveau

user1007 10-04-2012 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by creeper (Post 1023486)
Shucks Steve, le déménageur message a bloqué à nouveau

I am really just setting things up so I can win the spam and troll awards. Since Big Jim was added as a watcher I wondered how I could keep smuggling SPAM onto this site and then kill it to raise my count. Why not messages in a foreign language thought I? I am going to try naughty words in Russian next.

I do read and speak French if needed by the way. Never ever when it is demanded of me like in Paris. I did use the Google translator for the message sent you though.

notmrjohn 10-04-2012 09:37 AM

The idigenous uprising failed, that's why my Great Grandmother moved to Texas. That's as far as I got, I broke Bing, it keeps translating French into French. Sack of blue! Gnome the plumber! Buckets of mercy!

But if I hold my head back all arrogant and talk down and through my nose saying ," Le frau, se le dau," people think its a French adage. Well some people do.

Yah nee gah-vah-ruh pah roos-kee

But I can parlor view the Frankish. Lessee now,
"Vos yeux de loup me hanter. Je sais que tous les Canadiens ne sont pas si mauvais que ça. S'il vous plaît ne prenez pas ma haine de Paris
Boss, de-loop my ghost. Jesse says, OK toss Less's Canadian knees onto Pa. See? mauve is OK. Caw! Still, your plated knee, Prince, pass my hand to Paris.
Somethin about the nervous prince of Troy wanting someone to brush a spectral purple crow off his artificial knee. Jesse & Less are a couple of Achaeans who don't like there bossy Dad.

Achaeans shouldn't be confused with Acadians, who are a subspecies of Canadians. They moved way down south to da bayous and inventd Zaidico, jambalaya, crawfish pie, and filet gumbo. And all sorts of larripin good stuff for you to be happy to be putting into your mouth, ah gawwrontee!

creeper 10-04-2012 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by sdsester (Post 1023511)
I did use the Google translator for the message sent you though.


Although french is mandatory in the public school curriculum and it is true that I was born in Montreal, thats as far as it goes

I don't talk no Francais and a Frog I ain't either. I ain't got no edumacation and I don't talk no Southern gibberish and I ain;t eatin no crawdaddy pie:huh:

One of them there mods done gone and removed some of our posts though

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