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imported_DiyGuy 03-16-2006 06:57 PM

Great DIY Security Web Site
Burglary Deterrents

Outsmarting Intruders
Looking for the best ways to protect your home and personal valuables from burglars? In addition to having a home security system, there are smart steps you can take to avoid being victimized. The home security experts at The Home Security Store offer this valuable advice to help discourage intruders from targeting your home.

Disguise Your Absence
Burglars are less likely to victimize a house that looks occupied or is protected by a security system. Here are some ways to give the appearance that someone is home:
Keep electrical devices on. Program a timed device to automatically turn your lights, stereo, or TV on and off at set periods during the day or night.
Keep the deliveries coming. Don't stop your mail or newspaper drops; it signals you're away. Instead, ask a neighbor to pick up your deliveries.
Keep a car in your driveway. If you are taking your vehicle on vacation, ask a neighbor to park his or her car in your driveway.
Ask a neighbor to perform maintenance. Have someone mow your lawn, rake leaves, or shovel snow while you're away.
How to Keep Safe at Home
Did you know that 40 percent of home invasions occur because a door or window was left unlocked? So, it is wise to:
Lock doors and windows, especially when you're home alone.
Secure sliding glass doors with pins to prevent both horizontal and vertical movement, especially when you're away from home for extended periods of time.
Fix broken locks or windows and install deadbolts on doors leading outside.
Replace all locks immediately upon moving into a new home.
Safe Measures for Greeting Visitors
Install peepholes in all exterior doors. It's always a good idea to look through your peephole viewer to see who's there before you open the door.
Make sure you request identification from sales or repair people before you let them in. Never leave such representatives in your home unsupervised.
How to Keep Your Valuables Safe
Store high-value items such as jewelry, furs and firearms in a small closet with a solid-core door, a non-removable hinge and a deadbolt lock.
Permanently mark your valuables with your driver's license or Social Security number. Also, keep pictures and records of all marked objects in a safe place.
Keep important papers, valuable jewelry and large amounts of cash in a safety deposit box.
Keep gift-wrapped packages hidden from outside view.
When you purchase new electronic equipment, do not advertise it. Break down cartons before discarding in your trash.

alfy 09-18-2006 04:47 PM

Interesting stuff. Personally you should be allowed to shoot them.

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