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Originally Posted by Leah Frances View Post
They have to be getting in somewhere... If you insist on going a chem-free route your only effective option is to plug up whatever minute and hard to find ingress they are using.

Also, if there is nothing for them to eat, they won't hang around as long. But I mean NOTHING. not one crumb. Not one spill. Drains perfectly clean. All food in impermeable containers. No dirty dishes at any time on the counter. Dishwasher always clean or empty (when the ants march in my house they always end up in the dishwasher). ALL trash sealed up or out of the house.
The above quotation hits the nail on the head, I believe.

I had this exact same problem last summer. If my wife and I cleaned the kitchen absolutely thoroughly they wouldn't come in, but if anything was left out they would be back and in high numbers. They didn't bother anything that wasn't in the kitchen, though.

The trail they used led back to my back balcony door, so I caulked around the base of the door (forgive my not knowing the technical term for the board there; lower door jamb maybe?). To be honest, I was caulking it as a water preventative because we have had a lot of water blown against that door during storms. However, after I caulked up that area, they haven't been back, and it's been over a year.

I think your best bet, avoiding pesticides, is to track the origin of the ants and block it. Check weather stripping on doors, caulk gaps, etc. Hopefully after that's done you won't even have to worry about keeping your house.


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Originally Posted by PAbugman View Post
Use liquid ant bait-it comes in plastic stations; you peel off a cellophane cover and place them where you see ant activity. It is boric acid based (an insecticide) and has the consistency of honey. The smaller species of ants accept it readily, but not carpenter ants. Still no effective bait for the big guys.
Liquid ant bait can be bought anywhere that over the counter insecticides are sold.

The sonic repellers are good for nothing.
So what can you use on the big guys as you put it? I do occassionally find them in my place.

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Do NOT use pool-grade diatomaceous earth. That stuff is toxic to humans. Use food-grade diatomaceous earth. It is harmless to mammals, but deadly to bugs.

After trying several methods, I have found the best method to stop ants is to plug their entrance holes with vaseline. They refuse to pass through or over vaseline.


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