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Gas Fireplace vs Pellet

Looking at getting one or the other.
What are the pros and cons of those who actually have one.


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hmmmmmmmmmm Gas: turn it on, get nice heat,when done turn off.
Pellet stove: run around to try to find pellets! almost none available; shleep TONS home; STORE those tons, carry bags ( 40 lbs each ) to stove, lift them to dump into stove, clean ashes from stove, reload stove, go out and try to find more to buy, damn heavy bags, store em repeat above as often as required.
Just my humble useless opinion


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well In my opinion my propane direct vent fireplace doesn't work for crap! For what propane costs and for how long it has to be on to get any kind of heat well it just doesn't make since at all. I was told that if I ran it for an hour a day for the month that it would cost about 500 bucks. That's just crazy. I got a blower to help blow the heat out but that really does nothing either. I found your thread actually while I was looking for info for a pellet stove.
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If you are simply looking for a fireplace to look pretty (you know, nice flames) I would get a natural gas one (I assume you are talking about natural gas, not propane). They have one at the hotel I spend most of my life at, as the poster says, turn it on, get heat and flames ....

Right now, natural gas is really low cost compared to any other fuel, I believe wholesale natural gas is about $5.50 per million BTU. Compare that with fuel oil, which is about $25 per million BTU. At that price, natural gas is less costly than pellets, or even firewood, on a per BTU basis. However, I am not sure how efficient a natural gas fireplace is in terms of converting the BTU's in the gas to actual heat in your house, hence my thought that if you just want to look at the flames go natural gas.

If you are serious about heating, you may want to be thinking in terms of a boiler or furnace rather than a fireplace.
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well i have a ventless propane fireplace and i would not trade it for anything. i live in ohio so it gets very cold. i have a 2000sft double wide. fireplace is on one side of my house and it will heat half my house. it is very warm heat.
one of the pluses is that if your electric goes out you still have heat. now my daughter has a pellet stove and if her electric goes out she has no heat because it uses electric for loading and ignition. she spends around $225.00 a month on pellets. we spend $350.00 every 2-3 months on gas through the winter and we also have a gas cooking stove and our furnace is also gas. so for me there's no question. truck comes fills us up we stay warm.
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As was said, the trucked fuels are very expensive right now, LP as well as oil. If you are fortunate enough to live where there is natural gas available, then go with that. Otherwise consider wood or pellet. There is a reason pellets are hard to find, they are currently one of the fuels of choice. I am quite literally paying twice as much to heat my home with oil this winter compared to last winter due to both the increase in price and the severity of this winter.
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If you live around here you can pick up pellets in the entrance foyer of Lowes.

According to online calculators, pellets would cost twice as much to heat with for my location -- at today's rates. But who knows what will happen tomorrow.

You can get gas fireplace inserts that are up to 87% efficient (steady state), which is probably better than a forced air furnace. You can also get some that are a lot less efficient. I'm going to get a gas insert before next winter. It should be cheaper to heat the family room and the kitchen with the insert than it is to heat the whole house with the furnace.
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pyper we have a gas insert in our family room and heat our family room,kitchen,dinett,master bd and bath. we have a 2000sft house it heats half my house.
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pyper (02-13-2011)
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I have a regency natural gas fireplace insert.

I believe its around 80% efficient.

It will light and run without electricity , which can be handy during a power outage.

My only beef with it is it leeks cold air around it when not in use.

Its on a windward side of the house so it could come through the side vent

or it could be coming from the corner chase to the attic ( I need to

investigate this).

I use it only occasionally as my furnace is 94% efficient.
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I had been wanting to replace my inefficient fireplace with a wood burning insert for some time. I had no idea where to go until some one here recently mentioned If you don't know about it, its worth checking out. Tons of information there along with a discussion forum.
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My father just put gas one in and it's great....heck, he doesn't even have to get out of his chair to turn it on or adjust just gotta get the remote feature if you do decide to go gas.

Also, he had the install crew run gas lines to his existing furnace lines....hence, no changing of propane tanks ever.

I'm jealous, he gets all the good stuff...haha

Personally, I love the smell of a wood fireplace...but the cleanliness and ease of gas certainly outweighs the smell...I just build a fire outside when I want that


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