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er78mph 10-22-2012 09:59 PM

gas bbq grill
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Bought my house a few years and was excited to have a slot for a drop- in a gas grill. The only problem was the previous owner took the grill with them. I have a slot that measures 24 inches by 14 inches. I have yet to find a drop-in grill that fits those dimensions. I found one that almost fits but the price was all over $1000! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Really want to utilize the gas and use a grill in that spot. Maybe converting a regular grill to fit that spot? Any advice would be very beneficial and would greatly be appreciated. I provided a picture. Thanks!

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littlecleo 10-26-2012 08:53 AM

It looks like you can modify (cut) the opening to fit whatever size grill you want to install. If it were me, I would find an old grill body, rebuild it, and cut the opening to fit, and adequately mount the grill body.

er78mph 10-26-2012 09:36 AM

Thanks for your feedback, seemed like no one wanted to touch this one. How can I make a cut with gas supply line so close? And what tool would I use? probably rent a tool at HD or lowes? Thanks!!

littlecleo 10-26-2012 03:23 PM

Assuming that's a natural gas line that's stubbed up in the picture, for safety's sake make sure the valve is closed where the supply line enters your property. A call to the gas company would be a good idea beforehand if you've never dealt with gas before, as they will need to close the valve, bleed the line, and relight any pilots after the work is done. As for cutting the concrete top, you can rent a concrete saw from just about any local tool rental, but you really need to have some prior experience with a concrete saw as they are heavy and can be dangerous if not used properly. For what little you have to cut there, hire a masonary guy to do it for you, it will be cheaper and safer.

Now, with all that said, you might think about modifying a grill body to fit the current opening. You can get 1", or 2" square steel tubing cut it to size, and bolt it to the grill body to where it will overlap the counter opening. If you want, you could drill and use tapcon screws to mount the steel "flanges" to the counter, but I think the weight of the grill with the additional steel would be more than enough to keep it from moving. Just some ideas to think about.

picflight 10-26-2012 03:53 PM

Do you remember how the original grill was mounted?

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