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wengr 03-23-2009 12:30 PM

garage floor, foundation, footer questions?
Hello, I want to build a four car garage here in northeast Penna. I want to have the concrete/block work completed by a contractor, and then I will construct the stick built structure. I have a number of questions so that I can evaluate the contractors suggestions. there is asphalt presently in this area.
1 What is an appropriate grade of concrete, and thickness for the floor?
2 What is the proper substrate for under the floor?
3 What is the proper footer size and depth? (2 story gambrel structure)
4 what would be the appropriate height of the masonry foundation(probably cinder block) above grade?
I know much of this will be addressed in local building codes. I'm not looking for minimum permissible, but rather reasonable guidlines that will result in a quality, lasting structure. thanks in advance, greg

Termite 03-24-2009 08:01 AM

The answers to all four of your questions are very site-specific and project-specific. Conditions such as soil type, local codes and the structure's imposed loads will dictate footing size, depth, concrete strength and reinforcement etc.

You need to consult with a structural engineer to get these questions answered.

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