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crawdad62 02-07-2013 07:10 PM

Garage Door Opener Light

I have a Chamberlain 1/2 HP garage door opener. It's rather old so it didn't come with a lot of bells and whistles. But this past Fall we had a storm go through and a lightning strike took out the logic board. I replaced it with a newer version that was compatible but now I have a "feature" that I'm not sure I want. Whenever the safety beam is broken the opener light comes on. It seems like a nice feature that I didn't have but today it was nice a warm out so the garage door was opened most of the day and I realized how much of the time the light was on. Between me entering/exiting the garage all day and the cat doing the same we had it on most of the day. Really no reason for that.

I bought the logic board on eBay so it didn't come with any instructions. I'm not even sure I can switch that feature off. And I only want that specific feature off. I'd still like the light to come on when the opener opens/closes the overhead.

Any suggestions?

sgip2000 02-07-2013 07:22 PM

Most newer openers come with a wall control that can disable the automatic light trigger. It sounds like the board you purchased is capable of using this control.

Naval Aviator 02-07-2013 09:47 PM

Default on the board is what you are instructions are in my garage, but the feature is turned off/on by a button sequence on the wall controller. Proper sequence is towards the end of the manual. You can download the PDF manual on Chamberlain's web site.

Missouri Bound 02-07-2013 11:19 PM

Most of the openers I have seen or installed have the same feature. But the light will turn off in a minute or so. This is a timed option on most boards. Check with the manufacturer about the timing, it may be programmable or overridden. At the very least you can just take out the bulb.:yes:

Naval Aviator 02-07-2013 11:49 PM

I have multiple Chamberlain belt drive openers. They come with security light feature enabled that activates the lights whenever the sensor beam is broken. Using the multi-function Door control the feature is turned off as follows: with the lights off, press and hold the light button on the door controller for 10 secs until the lights go on and then off again. If you like the feature (don't know anyone who would), you can turn it on by starting with the lights on and doing the same procedure.

crawdad62 02-09-2013 06:48 PM

Thanks for the replies. Yes the light stays on a limited time but in and out all the time ends up keeping it on unnecessarily. Unfortunately my opener doesn't have a separate light control button. My light comes on when the door is opened or closed and now when the beam is broken only. I suppose I'll just live with it unless I can find something I can do specifically with the board itself. I'll check into seeing if I can get the PDF of the directions and poke around there.

Thanks again.

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