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dukes32 06-14-2011 10:18 PM

Garage Door Assistance
Hi guys, I was hoping for some advice or possible solutions to my dilemma here. Ive been having on and off garage door issues for the house I bought about 16 mos ago. The new sage is that the garage door won't close, the lower portion gets about 3 ft from the floor and it raises back up (I know it's not the motion sensors). I did have a garage door repairman out last year, and he fixed another problem by moving the strut down to one of the lower panels of the door.

In viewing the door close.....and open...numerous times it appears as if one of the rollers is almost getting stuck and the hinge looks crooked so there could be one problem/solution. Also, the closing force of the garage door opener is WAY past its highest mark....quite a few issues here. Im on a pretty tight budget here as well, so were going to start with the cheapest remedies first....and if those don't work I might be opening the door manually for awhile! Thanks for the help.

gregzoll 06-14-2011 11:36 PM

It is either catching on something in the track, or the opener is not set up properly to allow the door to close. I would first unlock the door from the opener and run it up and down slowly to see if it catches on the tracks either on top, or down at the bottom. That means having a helper or helpers when you do it to watch the tracks. If nothing there, then run the opener without the door locked to the traveler to see if it runs out to the end of the track if it uses an overhead opener. If it retracts halfway or towards the end of the run, there is your culprit.

dukes32 06-15-2011 12:11 PM

Took care of it....thanks. One of the hinges was cracked, and pushing the door up into the track when it went over the curve.

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