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Garage ceiling: Wet and moldy (pics)- how to fix?

**Sorry if this is the wrong section, but it's a mold/pipes/drywall issue so I'm not sure which would be best, so I came here**

I recently bought a home, and to my dismay it seems as though the previous owner had "painted" over a problem. This is what it looked like (the "hole" is from me giving a firm press against the ceiling-- it crumbled)

I cut into the ceiling, and I see insulation behind it. I believe our master bathroom is directly above this, so I'm thinking a leaky pipe might be the cause. Does this look like a serious mold issue?

After pushing back the insulation, I can see the pipe. It seems to me this is possibly a drain pipe from the shower? The walls in the back look dry and free of mold...

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. I really don't want to go the route of mold treatment / tearing down walls if I don't have to. Thanks!!


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Mould requires three things, food, water and a temperature above 40f.
Mould cannot eat fibreglass, you can stop the pipe leaking, the 40f a problem?


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You have no choice but to tear down walls & ceiling, not knowing how far the leak spread.
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Cut out the drywall and get rid of it for as far as it appears to have been wet plus 12". Get rid of the fiberglass insulation. Mold can't live on fiberglass, but there is enough settled dust in it for mold to thrive and it will continue to hold moisture for a long time. Anything that can't be removed needs to be scrubbed clean or sanded clean, then treated with a fungicide and sealed with something like Kilz. Of course you need to resolve the moisture problem first.
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I hope you are wearing the proper respirator.
"Yeah, it's a nice garage, but you have to keep it heated at all times so it doesn't mess up your roof line."
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