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gaps in baseboards and other things, please help

Hi everyone,

I am new to this community so please be kind if I have inadvertently asked this question in the wrong place.

I moved into a new studio apartment several weeks ago. I really love the size and the area (residential neighborhood in Chicago) and I'm happy to live here... or I was.

Though I asked building management if they had ever had problems with vermin and they said no, I seem to have a little infestation of LARGE oriental cockroaches (they got me! ha ha!). I have been going through the usual methods (e.g. baits, bombings, sprays, sealing up all food, cleaning vigorously) of getting rid of them with minimal success.

So my next step is to seal all of the cracks with caulk (I know, I know, I should have done this first, but I was crazy panicked and decided I should try to spray first). In doing my investigation of the caulk, I have noticed several, um, problem spots that I didn't notice before I signed my one-year lease: namely, a 1/4 inch gap between the baseboards and the floor in many spots especially the kitchen. Not only that, but it looks like there are larger (one is about 2 inches tall and 4-5 inches long)... holes? In the baseboards / walls near the floor. That seem to have been stuffed with... dirty rags. As a method of "sealing", I'm guessing. No clue. To be honest I haven't investigated the dirty rags too much yet, mostly because I'm afraid of what I might find (I'm an idiot and I will of course poke around but I just haven't had time yet). I will post photos of these patch up jobs a little later.

My boyfriend is convinced that it is through these areas that the roaches are getting through. So I am convinced that I need to patch them up. I have tried asking the building management but they haven't been very responsive about that so far.

Based on this information, how do you guys think I should go about doing this? I've read that slapping caulk on gaps between baseboards and floors won't do much good, plus I have ZERO idea how to do big patches of baseboard. But, maybe there are some ideas I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance.


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I take it, ya'll didn't spot & record those issues on your walk-thru list. You should have been given a list and you go through the place recording things that don't work and/or are broken. This way ya'll won't be held responsible for damages when you leave. Whether you post pictures here or not, I'd take pictures of those holes.
The gaps might have been from a remodel where they replaced carpet with hardwood or vice/versa. The big hole from a previous dryer vent or something. Will the hole be covered simply by a new piece of baseboard or is the hole into the sheetrock also?
A 1/4" gap is kinda big for caulk. It can be done but it'll use up more caulk. If management won't do anything and BF is handy, buy some quarter round molding and cover those gaps.

As for the roaches, you may wanna check out the "pest" forum here. We use this powdered stuff called "Demon" that you mix with water in a spray bottle.


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