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chpwaman 12-16-2009 01:21 PM

French Doors - help
I just installed a bunch of prehung doors in my basement...they all look great except for the 5 foot french doors. According to my 4 foot level and my tape measure the jambs are plumb, the doors opening is square across and up and down, but the reveal on the right side door (the one with the pin type lock in the top jamb) gets bigger as you run away from the hinge side toward the middle of the door.

What is perplexing, is that the reveal on the other door is perfect and the reveal down the middle of the doors (where they meet) is good as well. I can feel some give in the door that sags and wonder if their could be some fatigue on the hinge that is making it sag? The locking pin won't push into the catch unless I lift up slightly on the door...even after I lift up and lock, you can see their is downward pressure on the door as the locking pin shows some signs of stress as it rubs against one side of the round catch.

I'm thinking I can fix this by cutting a deeper mortise for the top and middle hinge, but I wouldn't expect brand new doors to be out of whack like this. Thanks.

AtlRemodeling 12-16-2009 07:08 PM

Try removing a couple of the hinge screws and replace them with 2-3" long screws. Go through the jamb and into the studs behind. This will help support the load of glass doors.

wrangler 12-16-2009 08:23 PM

Like Alt said, I would first try driving a longer set screw in the top hinge of the sagging door. You might also need to shim between the header where the gap is along the top of the sagging door.

chpwaman 12-17-2009 08:40 AM

Thanks for the advice. I played around with it again last night and I was able to fix the sagging door by shimming the jamb near the bottom hinge on the sagging door side...this raised the door up and the reveal is now straight. Of course, this messed up how the doors meet in the middle as they rubbed together and didn't close. So, I had play on the other jamb and was able to reduce the shim thickness and they now close and the reveal is perfect. They still close a bit tight, but I think once I suck the jambs in with some screws, this will provide the necessary space to give me even a 1/16 clearance between the doors for them to open and close smoothly.

AtlRemodeling 12-18-2009 08:13 AM

Glad to hear you got it worked out!

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