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skippyhandleman 10-19-2009 10:18 PM

Framing on soil
I have a 10 X10 sunroom that is 3ft off the ground and extends separatley out from the house. It is currently uninsulated, and is enclosed with rotting sheets of particle board. The sunroom is supported by cinder block pillars but the current enclosurere is done up with what ooks like untreated 2X4's and partlicle board. I live in a Northern climate and want to be able to use the sunroom during the winter, but I don't know if framing right to the soil is the right way to go about it. Any advice on how to make this a liveable space for the winter would be really appreciated.

Just Bill 10-20-2009 05:49 AM

From your description, I would say this addition is illegal and immoral. It likely would never pass inspection as a porch, let alone a livable year round space. I would start over from scratch. Building on pillars is probably OK, depending on the span, but they must be below the frost line.

Maintenance 6 10-21-2009 11:38 AM

I don't think there is enough information provided to decide whether it is ilegal or immoral. Could have been just an unfinished project or a poor choice of siding materials. Measure up the floor joists and supporting beams to see if they are sufficient. Check to see that the pillars are on footers that are below the frost line for your area. Check the roof construction to see if it is sufficient and in good condition. After you have a handle on all of these, then you can determine how to proceed. Pictures always help.

Ron6519 10-21-2009 12:51 PM

"untreated 2X4's and partlicle board", may not be immoral, but it sure is stupid.
Have to agree, that even though you think you're starting ahead with this structure, you're not. It sounds more like elevated firewood.

Scuba_Dave 10-21-2009 01:02 PM

Take anything that is rotting off
Verify what the support is under the room
You need posts down below the frost line - where are you located?
Verify the floor joists meet current span codes, 2x6's would be bare min & actually probably be under code
2x8's or 2x10's would be much better, 2x4's for floor joists will not work

Location will dicate insulation needed & depth of posts for support

With 3' off the ground you should be able to get underneath & verify support
Is the crawl space what is enclosed with rotting wood?
What is the slope of the roof & what is used for rafters? Again 2x4's will not work

Any pics?

Gary in WA 10-21-2009 10:37 PM

"enclosed with rotting sheets of particle board." ----- remove the enclosed portions and please post some pictures of the foundation and framing in the crawlspace.

" if framing right to the soil is the right way to go about it." ------- no, everything touching ground will rot unless treated wood or concrete based.
This is good you are asking before doing the repairs and Welcome to the forum!

Be safe, Gary

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