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4just1don 05-14-2009 07:26 AM

found treated fascia,alluminum soffits, now what
Okay so my memory of what I used 15 years ago isnt so good,,,now what do I do? My newbie siding job is becoming daunting!!!

I guess i bought treated wood for fascia 15 years ago when I did the roof. (still in excellent condition) NOW I just completed the north end gable with aluminum soffits nailed to the bottom of that treated fascia. Thank goodness I selected stainless steel nails.

I heard aluminum and treated touching each other wont last from noon to dinner. Even THIS close? Whats my next option?Tear it ALL off and start over? (one step forward,six steps back)

IF it might be okay,I doubt it,whats my next step,use plastic fascia cover for the back of the house??

I sure LIKE the Certainteed solid plastic fascia BUT,,,at over 25 bucks for every 10' is almost budget busting considering I would need at LEAST 14 of them.

I already bought the aluminum fascia cover for all of it because it was 'on sale' locally here. Next best option,trash what treated fascia is left and replace with cedar boards and cover with alum. fascia?? Would it HELP keep the cedar from decay IF I covered it in paint first??

Thanks for ANY suggestions!!-d-

papashaq 05-14-2009 09:59 PM

Just wrap roofing paper over the treated fascia first, then nail on your aluminum fascia using stainless steel or galvanized nails. Dap the heads with matching paint and there you go.

Just Bill 05-15-2009 06:20 AM

Older treated wood(CCA) is not bad for aluminum, the newer ACQ is. But stainless or galvanized nails are still needed. Aluminum over 15 yr old treated wood is not a problem. If the fascia is properly covered so water can't get in, the wood won't rot, no matter what kind of wood. But it is a waste of money to install cedar, then wrap it. #2 pine is fine.

Maintenance 6 05-15-2009 06:40 AM

Many years ago I wrapped aluminum over treated lumber and it's still there. As stated, the newer ACQ stuff will corrode it in a heartbeat. If you are concerned, you could staple a layer of 6 mil poly over it before you wrap it. It will be easier to work with than roofing felt.

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