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econdave 05-28-2006 07:30 AM

had a guy come in to estimate carpet. Under the old carpet, there was plywood, then particle board covered with plastic, some kind of vapor barrier? the room is above a garage that is not heated. I am in Upstate N.Y. cold winters. Was that the reason for the plastic? the particle board was all swelled, assuming it got wet. I have to put new plywood to build up the floor. Should I cover that with plastic after I install the new plywood? thanks

Darylh 05-28-2006 10:04 AM

They put the plastic in the wrong place. I personly would not of put plastic down. If the garage below is finished and has vapour barrier then all your doing is creating moisture. Use Tar paper on the sub floor then build up with real plywood and then underlay and carpet. Use the higher end underlay to.
If the garage below has not got a finished ceiling then insulate and put the vapour barrier down there that way it will help stop the cold air from rising to your above room. If your not interested in Insulating I would at least put the Vapour barrier on the garage ceiling.

econdave 05-29-2006 07:01 PM

so, I put down tar paper on the sub floor, and then the new plywood on top. Now the underlay which is the padding? the garage has a texture ceiling, I dont know what is above the ceiling. I hope this tar paper is suppose to be on the subfloor. Whats the worst case scenario before I lay the carpet?

econdave 05-30-2006 02:53 PM

was this the right way to do this floor? I hope I am not causing moisture again.

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