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If you are holding steady pressure the pump must be primed and moving water. The cartridge probably needs to be cleaned or replaced. Needs to be checked anyway because you don't know when it was last done...

Water leaking in pipe joints that are directly connected to the pump are often caused by the pump runing without catching a prime - the pump needs water flowing to cool it. Pump gets hot, joint gets hot, joint leaks. So don't just fix the leaking joints - fix the no prime problem else you will just have leaking joints again. Failure to prime is caused by air leading into the system in front of the pump.

The top to the strainer basket is a common air leak - there is a rubber o-ring around the edge of the top. Put some vaseline on it to flex it back up and help it to seal.


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First thing to do, is ask your neighbors who they used and how much they pay for Swimming Pool/Spa care. Then make some calls. It will be cheaper to call out the professionals to fix the problem, then a homeowner doing it.
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Originally Posted by WaldenL View Post
When you say the "pipe coming down" are you referring to the piece of pipe between the pump and the filter? That looks like it's PVC, so I wouldn't bother "fixing" it as it would take about 30 seconds to just replace it, no?

Also, that device in the lower-left of the second picture, cylinder w/black top and metal handle on top, looks like it might be an automated chlorinater. Nice! Can you get a better shot of it? Perhaps a name plate? I had one and that makes life so much simpler, just keep it topped off w/slow dissolve tablets and you only have to deal w/chlorine when you shock it ever so often.
No the part i was talking about was right where the motor connects to the housing, there was a crack there and and small amount of water would spray out as if you were holding your thumb in the hose...but on a lot smaller scale.

I put some JB weld on there yesterday, hopefully today i will be able to tell whether or not i need to buy a new pump.

And yes, you were right it is an automatic chlorine feeder...

I don't want to but since i really don't know much about pools and the equipment i might just need to pay some pool guy to come out, get the "green" out and explain everything else to me...

what to do, how to use it, etc...

Now i guess it's time to find some pricing :-\
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Getting someone out there to start the season (well, your season anyway) makes sense. Just make sure he explains how to do regular maintenance, and have him explain that feeder, makes life _much_ easier. Also, don't know how much you need it, but a solar blanket up here (NY) is very helpful, if you keep it on the pool. We found a liquid solar cover that was basically a thin oil film (ok, not likely oil, but explains it well enough) that was actually better. While not as efficient as a solar cover, it's always on the pool, so it ends up being better than the solar cover you don't use. :-)
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I actually decided to just wade in when we bought our house 6 years ago
I found the #1 problem was the filter sucked, it was a DE filter
BUT, there were ~16 bolts that held the cover on, making it a PIA to clean it
I found out my backflush pipe stuck out of the stream banking by ~2'
Yup - dumping right into the stream
So backflushing the filter was not an option (to me)

#2 problem was the pool had not been shut down properly the year before
Guy at work told me shock the heck out of it - I had dumped 1 gallon in
I dumped 4 gallons of shock into the pool
That, in addition to the chlorine I was already adding did the trick
Cleared up the water enough so I could see the mass of leaves at the bottom of the pool
Lots of scooping of leaves & went to buy a new filter/pump

Local pool store wanted close to $1k for pool & filter setup
I bought one off EBay- bigger filter by 50% & more powerful pump for less then 1/2 that price
1st year (& part of 2nd year) it was installed free standing outside while I added on to the pool cabana

I brought my water to another pool store & they tested my water & told me what to add for chemicals
I have a little test kit that tells me if chlorine/Ph is too low/high
I went back to the same store & they sold me Winter chemicals & cover to shut the pool down
When I opened the pool the next year the water was clean

All depends upon how handy you are & how much spare $$ you have to pay someone else to do things

I use a solar cover faithfully - free w/roller from someone
My pool when I had the full solar heating system setup was up to 86
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"I found out my backflush pipe stucj out of the stream banking by ~2'
Yup - dumping right into the stream" ---------------I hope you re-routed that since you found it!! If any EPA guys read that you may hear someone knocking at your front door...........Be safe, Gary
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Yes, the next Spring I rented a backhoe & dug a new trench to the back of my property

I have NO idea what someone was thinking when they did this
I still only use the back flush very rarely
Since the output is still within maybe 45' of the stream - the same distance as the pool


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