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finishing a basement?

i just moved into a new place, and the landlord has given me permission to finish up the basement a bit... its a ncie basement, flat floor, walls are blocks, no cracks, 8 foot ceiling, etc

my issue though is the surfaces of the concrete are not pleasant to touch... theyre very rough and scratchy feeling... could easily scrape skin and i would like to smoothen then so theyre more comfortable to be in contact with... id like them to be painted, to hide the dingy color of the concrete, and then smoothen the feel of it... there is only a moisture problem with one wall which i'll have to seal, but no such issues with the rest of the basement... should i still seal them, paint them, if just paint will suffice for the rest of the basement, what is the best paint to use?..

id like to section off a couple spots in the basement for a couple extra bedrooms.. so probably room dividers, and im guessing carpeting probably wouldnt be a good idea? any other suggestions?


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Water proofing and stopping any water from getting in is 99% done on the outside not the inside.
Painting a wall that gets wet is just going to push the paint off.
Adding a bedroom opens up a whole new can of worms.
Someone would have to have permits, go though zoning, the heath dept. building dept.
There also will need to be egress windows added. (a way to get out in case of fire)
There has to be a couple thousand post about basement on this and any DIY site. Try using the Search function.


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Probably the best way to handle the walls would be to put up furring strips and then drywall. Use the longest sheets you can and go horizontal. If you go this way let us know and we can help you. If you decide to just paint SW has a masonry line called Loxon it is conditioner and a paint. They make block fillers to smooth cement block but they are expensive as you only get 50 sq.ft to a gallon and take an expensive sprayer and then have to be backrolled. Could probably have this done but the cost would still be very high.
You need to be a little more specific on the on the moisture issue in the one wall. How severe is it? Usually to just seal it from the inside is not enough.
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the moisture issue is because a sidewalk outside of that wall didnt set right, and i believe the moisture comes in through the window as rain pools up outside here.. probably going to fix the sidewalk which will fix this issue

when i go into some commercial buildings that have cinder block walls, the walls are very smooth to the touch in that they wont scratch or scrape.. im wondering if they epoxy coated the outside of the walls or just painted on enough layers to make up for what gets absorbed into the pours of the concrete and leave a smoother surface on the outside of it?.. also, a thicker paint, possibly latex paint in a number of coatings should handle the walls, dont you think?.

as for the floors, just straight paint wouldnt be all that durable for walking on.. so paint with an epoxy or acryllic top coat?
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If the concrete has been sealed you may have problems with the epoxy lasting. If you are wanting a smooth surface you can rent a concrete floor sander and smooth it down as smooth as you want. By sanding it you will sand the sealer off so you can polish or paint if you wish. There are other fellows here much more experienced with concrete than I who might give you some expert advice.
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