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glassman 09-14-2006 11:38 PM

fascia and drip edge
im getting ready to re-roof my house and decided to replace the fascia.there is no soffit underneath just the half inch plywood from the roof.the fascia is a 2x6 nailed to the end of rafter boards.this is how they built them in phoenix in 1974 i geuss.i will be installing gutters do you suggest i use the same size or go with a 2x8.right now i have a little over 4 inches of room below drip edge.also the drip edge is the cheapest you can get inch and a half important is it to use proper drip edges and gutter aprons.i will not be doing the complete tear off until after thanksgiving cause i only will have 10 days off but i thought i would get started on the end rafter boards or what ever you call them.any ideas on how to get those boards off would be appreaciated also.thanks

troubleseeker 10-01-2006 09:39 PM

You will need more than 4 inches for a gutter , so you will have to go to 1x8 facia.If you are completely reroofing why not just use the existing 2x6 as a sub facia and apply 1 by facia over it, unless it is rotten.If i understand your description. the "end rafter" boards you refer to are the ones running up the gable ends of the roof, and they are called "barge" rafters locally, but I think that is a corruption of the term verge or varge rafters.Most local roofers do not install a drip edge at the bottom of the roof, only up the gables. They leave the shingles about an inch long so they can hang into the gutters for better water flow, but there is quite a difference in rain from Phoenix to New Orleans. I'd go with the local installation practices.

inspects 10-01-2006 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by glassman (Post 18195)
ideas on how to get those boards off would be appreaciated also.thanks

I use a Sawzall, and replace the fascia with a 2x6, a 2x8 will warp to beat the band here attached to 2x4's.

glassman 10-02-2006 06:39 PM

Thanks For Your Replys I Appreciate It.

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