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Exterior restoration?

I have a small home that was built in the 20's. Wood frame construction with original wood siding, but was covered with aluminum siding on the front, asphalt shingles on the side and left bare in the back (was painted over the years).

The aluminum siding is okay but I might paint it. The asphalt shingles need removed/replaced as they have seen better days. Being one to restore rather than replace, I would like to remove the shingles on the side and restore the wood if its solid. If its in ratty shape, vinyl siding will be in order.

Question to all is, figuring man hours and material, am I wasting my time to restore the old siding, or should I just rip off the shingles and hang vinyl?

What would you do?


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Exterior restoration?

If somebody covered it up, there was a reason.

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Exterior restoration?

Md - how you doing? Long time since we chatted...

I agree on the cover-up, except that maybe it just got outdated and the previous owners wanted to do what the Jones' next door were doing. I peeled a few shingles away and the wood looks solid and workable, if someone want to apply the "workable" part.

Worse case being, if I tear it all off and the wood is truly shot, I could always go the vinyl siding route. One way or another, the shingles gotta go.


P.S. still have that power-point you emailed me... the guy stealing wire. I showed that to some fellow EMS providers at the station... got some reactions, to say the least!
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Exterior restoration?

I say go for it. It could be like you said they just didn't want to mess with the up keep and like you said if push comes to shove you can just vinyl it. Even if you had to replace say a quarter of the houses wood clapboards its still worth doing.
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