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TNeat 07-18-2007 07:47 AM

Eliminating mold problem
Hello all,

I had previously posted here for help on how to locate and solve a problem with musty/moldy smell in a bedroom. Thanks for the great suggestions.

I have cut the drywall off and pulled out the insulation in about a 5x8 area. I didn't find any visable mold. What I found was water stains on the insulation next to the studs and at the baseplate. This is an exterior wall, so there is a foam like board that is on the outside of the studs between the studs and the exterior brick. It also had water stains on it. I assume this is suppose to be an exterior water barrier/insulation???

I have sprayed the foam board as well as the studs with a bleach and water mixture to kill any mold that might be present. I did this three days ago, and it still smells very strongly of mold.

I am wondering if the smell is coming from the white foam board. Do I need to remove that? If so, how would I reinstall a new one so that it does not allow water in that may get through the exterior brick?

KUIPORNG 07-18-2007 08:33 AM

you should find out why water will be able to come in from exterior brick first... to eliminate the source ... before fixing interior damaged... as they can get damaged again for next water invasion...

TNeat 07-18-2007 09:26 AM

Based on the water stains, it appears the water was coming from the roof. The water stains are at the top of the wall. We just had a new roof installed due to a hail storm, so I am assuming any leak that was there in the past is hopefully now fixed. There are no vents or other areas on the roof in this location for water to enter.

However, I have had an issue in the garage where water from a sprinkler head spraying against the brick wall was making its way through the mortar and pooling on the garage floor. I cut into the wall all the way to the brick in that location to find clumps of mortar pilled up in the wall blocking the weep holes. Also, there were places where the foam board had been punctured by stray nails, etc and was allowing the water to run down a stud behind the sheetrock and into the garage.

The fix in this spot was to fix the sprinkler head. I am wondering though if driving rains might be the cause of some water getting in through the brick into my walls and saturating the foam board resulting in a moldy smell??? I do think though my current leak was from the roof based on the water stains.

KUIPORNG 07-18-2007 10:04 AM

so sounds like you can go ahead and take out all the wet parts and replace them with dry stuff... and wait for a while to see if there are more water invasion then.... good luck... I think the foam board is for insulation rather than water proofing ....

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