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Ianski 08-25-2011 09:33 AM

Efflorescence do builders care
Been speaking to a lot of builders, some of whom are very good mates.
Has a bricklayer i used to cover my work, and all materials to help prevent efflorescence.
This is the reply i get of the vast majority of them," who cares by the time the salts appear the cheque has cleared"
They know that there is way to prevent efflorescence.
1) To keep materials dry.
2)To keep walls coverd till the mortar is dry
3) Use a solution that is on the market to prevent efflorescence in the mortar, cant name it, or i will be thrown out of the forum.
Used it myself, on wall that go back 3/5 years, no efflorescence, walls without this solution gets efflorescence.
It was developed my friends who were in school together,so seeing that i do not want any of you having your dream home ruined by builders who do not care, get this product youself.
Put in to a search engine prevent efflorescence in mortar.I know it would be easier to mention the name, and your facework on the house is not ruined by efflorescence, but doing it this way i might not get thrown out.
They used me and various bricklayer, on field test over 5 years, we did not have 1 bit of efflorescence on the mortar,over that time period.

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