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cbzdel 06-07-2010 03:39 PM

Dryer Vent type?
We just bought a house and we were told the dryer did not dry worth anything it took 200 minutes to get a load dry. I thought it was going dead so we replaced it, with a brand new dryer and it still is not getting the clothes dry. I checked the vent and its clear as can be. I ran it with the door open and its getting really really hot in there. But I figured something must not be right as it was taking a good 100 minutes to dry still, so I called the mfg and they said it would be 40 minutes are the most for a full load and 25-30 for an average load. I dont see how things are not getting dry. The mfg sent out a tech to take a look at it and the tech said the dryer is reaching the correct temps and seen no problem and could not answer why my clothes were not getting dry.

I googled dryer vents and I found a website telling me that vertical dryer pipes do not work very well.

Well ours is vertical, it just goes straight up and out through the roof. From the dryer to the vent it is about a 10 to 12 foot vertical run in a solid metal 4" pipe. But I do not see why these would restrict performance, heat rises, so wouldn't this help :eek:

Our laundry room is in the middle of the house so I am not sure if there is any other options to vent this, plus we have tile floors so we can not easily go down though the floor or even the walls. (the floor was tiled before the walls for the laundry room was built, the home was remolded and removed the dine in kitchen and replaced it with a laundry room)

Any thoughts, this electrical bill is going to kill us :censored:

Gary in WA 06-07-2010 09:07 PM

Did the tech say anything about pipe restrictions or the flapper in the vent roof duct on the roof being partial closed? Try drying a load with the window open and the inside duct/wall pipe disconnected. Is there room for two 45* elbows instead of a 90*?

Be safe, Gary

nap 06-07-2010 11:10 PM

something else that makes a huge difference in drying times is: how much water is left in after the washer spins it out.

I know when I went from my old top load washer to my new 1100 rpm from load washer, it cut drying time down considerably. My kid has a washer that spins at 1300 rpm and takes out so much water that it takes no more time to dry a load than it does to wash one.

cbzdel 06-08-2010 10:46 AM

what is this?
this looks like a VERY simple solution, but is it safe?

Otherwise one of these booster units, may help out..

cbzdel 06-08-2010 10:51 AM

Oh to answer the other questions, the clothes are almost dry when coming out of the spin cycle, we have a new front loader washer as well. I will have to get up on the roof to inspect the vent opening itself, the Tech did not do that.

Thurman 06-08-2010 11:02 AM

IF you do have a window in the laundry room, or there is a window in a close room, and you can put a fan to move the warm exhausted air to the open window, I do suggest you dry a "normal" load of clothes with the dryer vent piping completely disconnected from the dryer. I have used this method to evaluate dryer performance. I also like to put (ahem) a pair of panty-hose on the dryer outlet just to keep lint from blowing all over the room. IF this test shows the clothes drying in under an hour, then I would point my finger at the vertical run of dryer venting. Is there a way to divert the dryer venting just after it breaches the attic space, turn it into a horizontal run, and allow it to exit via a soffit or a lower roof vent, thus reducing the restriction? Warm, moist air is much heavier than normal room temp air and will be hard for the dryer exhaust fan to push this heavier air up the vertical run of piping. Two 45 elbows, instead of a 90 ell, will also reduce the restrictions of the air movement, some. Good Luck, David

Gary in WA 06-08-2010 08:17 PM

Great minds think alike, read my post #2, David..... lol.

Be safe, Gary

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