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Dryer Vent Opening

Iím near the finishing line on a renovation project with one of my apartments. It will have laundry facilities on an interior wall. I need to vent to an outside wall. This distance from the back of the dryer to a position on the outside wall will be approximately 6 feet. The exterior of the building is a combination of masonry over brick. I have a few questions before I tear into things. 1. Is the preferred way to go with rigid metal duct pipe? 2. Would it be just as feasible to use my Milwaukee rotary hammer drill to create an opening? Or should I just bite the bullet and rent 4.5Ē core bit? 3. Should the hole be at the same elevation as the vent opening on the back of the dryer? Higher? Or does it matter? Thanks in advance.


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1. Yes

2. I'd rent the core bit, but that's just me.

3. I'd slope the vent slightly downward just so any possible condensation would drain out rather than back into the dryer.


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I don't think I would elevate the pipe upward, if it ever leaked, water could run back along the pipe and get inside the house. I would use rigid pipe though, lint won't stick as bad. I will let our masons answer the through wall question.
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I believe it should be at least a foot from the ground.
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I remember very well having to drill 37 holes 18 inches deep by 3/4 of an inch. I never remember seeing the drill bit go in deeper. Just seemed like it spun in place. It was hotter than could be and I was in the sun and the job required all this safety gear.
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To open up holes in block and concrete I use one of these.

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In case your not sure what that is:

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You can dislodge bricks with drilling and chipping. Grinder may be better choice. The vent covers have different sizes and look for the most coverage so you don't have to be very precise. Look for heavy gauge aluminum. I couldn't find it at homedepot this time, but I did find it some years ago.
Caulk the top and sides, then flashing the top as if you'd flash around a chimney.


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