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Got a question, I know it's not really DIY, but need help.

I have a draftsman coming out to look at my house. We're planning a large addition (about 800sq ft hopefully). What all can I expect from the draftsman? His fee starts at $1500.

In the past I've been told that draftsman start around $500... but architects all seem to be around $3500-5000+ so $1500 still seems like a good deal to me.

but still... what should I expect at $1500?

What if I have me design an addition that turns out to cost too much, will he revise it a bit? Or will I need to fork out another $1500?

thanks folks,


Little America
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Can't speak for Seattle but $1500 in my region will buy you a full set of prints from a registered architect for an entire modest house twice that size.

Draftsmen/designers, like contractors, can charge whatever the market will bear.

If $1500 is the bottom line going rate for picture drawers in Seattle, then expect the final price to go well above that, especially with changes.

You might, instead, try calling a few design-build firms.

These are usually general building and remodeling contractors that employ or engage the services of designers/architects in house to take care of all their design requests.

An 800sf addition is small by today's standards and may not require a designer at all.

Before you engage a designer, call some local contracting desgn/build firms or simply run your ideas by some local contractors for input.

You may find you can get for free from a contractor what a designer may require the amuptation of one or several of your limbs for...

But to be fair....structures designed by contractors usually look like strcutures designed by contractors...

And that's usually not very pretty.


As a side note, Designers/architects do not design with your bottom line affordability in mind.

They design to your specifications.

It is the job of the contractor to price the design once complete.

If the initial design is WAAAY beyond your means, you can expect to pay more for alterations to a more affordable plan...It's only fair.


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