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Let's Damn the lazy builder, and Damn the lazy homeowner--but the problem is still there! The pictures-IMO-tell the story. IMHO: the door's threshold was not properly weather-sealed to the home's framing sill. As posted, this should have been done with the door/door frame installation. That was yesterday. So, what you have now, at this time of the year is a draft which can be addressed at this time, and proper repair(s) can/should be done later. Caulking applied where the aluminum threshold meets the siding, and where the flooring meets the threshold will suffice to prevent most of the draft at this time. My real concern would be water infiltration at the outside problem area. Whether a slab floor or conventional construction, there is some wood under the threshold which could rot. Clean the joints, caulk now, proper repair when weather permits. David


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What do you suggest I do as a proper repair?
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looks to me between bottom of door and sills threhold. if you lay a piece of paper on the door threshold ( note book paper thin) then close the door on it does the paper pull out easy or some resistance? if paper is loose and you have an adjustable sill you can adjust the threshold to where there is resistance to the paper but it does not tear
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Yep plenty of resistance. The other reason I know why it is between the threshold and floor is because the there is a draft between the wood trim and the floor to the left and the right of the door (approx. 2 feet on each side).
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Originally Posted by soasquad View Post
What do you suggest I do as a proper repair?
OP thanks for pictures:

I assume this house is built on a concrete slab.


you may get as many asnwers as there are posters on this fourm.

short of pulling the door out and applying heavy continuos beads of
Construction adhesive... slab to underside of threshold. (something I would never consider at this point)

IF goal is to stop the cold air with tearing up and out as little as possible
....understand all places this cold air could be coming from and start with easiest solutions for you until you are satisfied. If foam was not installed
properly between door jambs and framing members... these areas might also contribute to the cold air entry point at the inside. ( if you seal the threshold to the slab at the outside and you still have cold air coming in... condider pulling the interior casing and apply spray foam.)

Know you need to get to where the threshold meets the slab atleast at the outside edge. This could require remove & reset of siding trim viewed from your photo. You have tile grout at the inside that could be problematic to remove and replace thus not worth risking if other solutions are satifactory.

1. decide if you feel you can remove and rest the siding / trim under the threshold on the outside. Removal should allow best possible access to the area.

If no... a. wait for it to warm up a bit..or b. use heatgun or hairdryer to warm the area so that it is flexable enough to bend to allow proper inspection and possble repair attempts. ( Do not over heat.. you risk discoloring and warping siding)

If you can get at the area... options might be: foam as advised by others
(be careful this can get messy and hard to clean) OR stuff crack with, backer rod..fiberglass (use thin blade)... and / or adhesive caulk...
( it might be difficult to get a thin enough bead of Construction adhesive
in the crack).. Your call...

I really hope you get lucky and this is a quick fix for you. Let us know!

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The door threshold sites ontop of wood, I hope this is what you are refering to as the slab? The house is a split level so I'm pretty sure if we pull that siding back we will see the rim joist of the foyer area. The "basement" of the house is 4 feet of poured foundation and 4 feet of 2x6 walls. The upper main level is 8 feet of 2x4s.

Well I might hold off until spring to do anything and probably just pull the siding off and run a thick bead of 50yr silicone everywhere I can. How easy is it to remove that piece of siding? I have never removed, or installed for that matter, vinyl siding.

I bought this house because the craftsmanship was 10x better than what I saw in other newer homes. Good 45s, anderson windows and doors, etc. I guess unless you are working with a high end home builder there is a good chance they aren't going to do everything right. Like failing to insulate between the 4 feet of foundation wall and the drywall in the basement (my first spring project)!

Thanks so much for your help!


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