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linzy383 03-16-2010 07:53 PM

DIY Smoke Damage Restoration or Professional??
We just had a stove fire that burnt a plastic kettle near the stovetop. The stove looks completely ruined, and there are some ashes everywhere in our downstairs living area. There is no visible damage other than over the stove. My husband ran right out and bought fans to get the smoke out of the house.

I need some advice. We called our insurance company, who sent someone out to see how much the restoration would cost. They said that it would be $5-6k minus our deductible.

My question is that if the house doesn't smell like smoke, and we can clean the stove area ourselves, should we go through with the restoration? Is it worse because the smoke caught something plastic on fire?

Thanks for your help!

Big Bob 03-17-2010 01:32 PM

I'm trying not to read 50 other questions in to your post or ask for more info.

Smoke damage can be tricky and best left to those with experiance.

Restoration to areas all depend of the surface conditions that exist and
the nature of the soot / smoke.

You may want to do the white glove test all over the house (ON EVERYTHING). Buy some new cheap cotton t shirts..cheaper than hard to find white gloves.

Know that burned plastics tend to leave a greasy film that can require a number of efforts / clean with chem sponge / wash with degreasing detergents/ seal / paint to cover. Sometimes nobody knows for sure until they try an area. This maybe a line item in the estimate Clean/seal/paint.

Know that unless you own your home (no mortgage) the carrier may need to also put the mortgage company's name on the check. The mortgage co "Loss Draft Dept" might send you a draw to start restorations and would send an inspector to be sure all the work was done before final payment. It's their house also, until your final mortgage payment.

If the contractor discovers more damage or additional efforts above the estimate are required to bring you back to a preloss condition...they contact the adjuster and they work it out.

If you make the same claims your expertise and effors will be put under
a mircoscope.

I applaud your efforts to mittigate the damage. I'm sure the adjuster will be happy to pay for those fans.

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