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Bottletops 03-03-2010 11:06 AM

Dishwasher powder instead of salt - Doh!
Help please.
I go to top up the salt in my dishwasher but notice the hole is blocked right to the top, even though the light has come on to say it needs more salt.
Long story short, I realise the last time I filled it up (about 6 weeks ago) I put Dishwasher powder refil in instead of Dishwasher salt.

The dishwasher has been used many times since and upon trying to remove the contents, it has gone really hard. I've spent a good hour chipping away, clearing out as much as i can but there is still loads of the dishwasher powder in the resevouir, where the salt is supposed to go.

OK so question time:
What is the best way for me to get the hard Dishwasher powder out so I can replace it with salt.
Would pouring hot water in help to break up the powder?
It's an intergrated dishwasher so would take some effort to get out of the Kitchen unit, and if I did would it be wise to begin taking it apart?

Thanks in advance

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