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WillK 10-08-2011 10:14 PM

Digging footing pads, abandon sewer pipes and moldy dirt
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I don't even know what question to ask, I'm just a bit overwhelmed I guess. I'm digging spread footings 24"x24" and 12" deep at 7' spacing from the center of one post to the next as specified by plans from a structural engineer. I can use shorter intervals of course where I run into obstructions, but I'll run into difficulties because I'll have to move temporary supports. I guess that's just what I'll have to do.

Or I could take out this 3" clay pipe... So this is where my thoughts run a little wild. This particular section of sewer pipe used to connect to the floor drain in the laundry room (well, actually it still does) and connected to the utility sink and kitchen (these connections have been re-run, and the old pipes capped off). The other end of course is still connected to the main stack.

So at any rate, earlier in the summer we had flooding in the crawlspace, but the visible mold appeared in the last month. And the reason that I had rerouted the kitchen was that the pipe had collapsed somewhere, become obstructed and was visibly coming up out of the ground where the pipe went into the ground when used. So I'm wondering if I was to cut this pipe away for the footing if that'd be bad because I'm either openning a pipeline to whatever is getting water into the crawlspace or the sewer and its gasses or both..

I don't entirely know what to think really.

The pipe on top is the incoming water supply line which I knew was there and which I planned to just go under. It's the brown clay pipe and cleanout at the bottom that is the problem, and which I did not know was there until I hit it while digging.

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