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Learning by Doing
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Originally Posted by gregzoll View Post
I spent today calibrating the lcd hd in our bedroom. Hard part was getting the white balance t the correct levels, due to had to eyeball it. It looks pretty good, I would have to say.
Greg - we both turned 3000 at about the same time. I was super impressed with the results when my husband had our plasma tuned. It was an amazing difference over factory settings.


If I could only remember to THINK about what I was doing before I did it.
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Yes it does. Just making those changes, makes a huge difference with ATT's U-verse service. THE Mercum car auction on HDNet just popped, compared to just leaving the set as it was out of the box.

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1. Pull insulation from garage rafters- haven't even started.
2. Fix north side of garage, which probably involves removing sheet rock, so I do not have to blow out the garage after blizzards- haven't even started.
3. Patch garage/house shingles so they will last another year- haven't even started
4. Re-shingle house/garage. See #3 as a clue to see if this one has been started.
5. Fell a few trees. This one I will wait until late fall anyway.
6. Trim around new windows. Windows have been in for well over a year, so you can see how high up on the to-do list this is.
7. Trim around new doors. Doors have been in for 3 years (see #6).
8. Clean and organize garage. This was added after a reply in the automotive forum "are there any trailer gurus."
9. The list keeps going...

I give up...
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Leah, I got the Plasma looking so good, that I am watching Das Boot on a regular dvd on the Sony Blu-Ray, and the picture is 100% better. Due to the BD doing upscaling on the dvd, and being so clear, you can actually see the droplets of sweat on the guys. It is one of the dvd's that I may get on Blu-Ray, since it is a excellent movie, same with U-571.
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Originally Posted by WillK View Post
So to ventilate my soffits, I'm using 16"x3" vents and putting them in 24" on center spacing along the length. 12 vents per side. I've completed one side and the other side is completed up to the fence, first 5 vents are in. I need to finish the last 7. That should be doable in one evening.
As previously stated, I completed this earlier in the week.

Then I need to open up the wall sheathing between the soffit and the knee wall attic to complete the circuit. I did 3 holes with a cheap holesaw which burned up from the hardwood. If a bi-metal holesaw is adequate, I should also be able to do this this week.

As part of the project, I need to remove the staircase and slide from my daughter's castle bed. They don't use them, and it blocks easy access to the side attic on one side of the house.

I'll be doing well to get this done this by the end of the week but I'd say that is my goal.
I did none of this, and most of it is on the back burner for now.

What I did do was replaced a toilet handle with a water saving do-dad, installed a new bathroom exhaust fan in the ceiling (there was only one in the wall) and installed another temporary beam in the crawlspace so I could remove 2 of the 5 randomly placed supports that need to be removed under the bathroom for the installation of the permananent beams I am working towards building.

Also, while I didn't start the digging, I've cleared enough material that I am ready to start digging for a sump pit. Among the material removed was some boards that had a fuzzy moldy coating and a slug.
Please do NOT consider any "before" picture of my house as any kind of endorsement of any particular construction method. In fact, you should probably assume that if I post a "before" picture, I am posting it because I am soliciting advice on a proper replacement for one of MANY things done wrong by a previous owner.
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Originally Posted by coderguy View Post
Short Term: Finish up removing the door to the shack we removed and replace/fix the siding on the rear of the house. Finish painting dining room.
Short Term: Get Jomama to come down; I'm brainstorming bribes.

I'd like the siding to be done and painted by the end of next weekend, drywall/etc on the inside is not included in that goal.
I'd like to get Jomama down here by the end of the month; but the sooner the better :-).
The drywall and painting that and the dining room should be done by the end of the month.
So.. the dining room has one more doorway to paint (Trim). The door to the removed shack is gone, the opening is closed up and I resided where it was needed.
Had a special visitor who walked through all of the foundation stuff with me; so I am back to planning based on my new notes.

I now hope to caulk and prime the siding, insulate and drywall the inside; and start getting quotes on having a lot of cement removed. Since most of the painting is done and looking good; I need to get on replacing outlets/switches. I need to get the inspector in to close the demo permit on the room. Have to update the project thread.


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