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Thanks PoleCat. I do plan on living my time out here. I know things happen, but it is the sole desire.

I looked through designs for 6 hours the past couple of days and this one fits the best. The problem is I am not opting for deep or wide houses. This is considered small in the blueprint world. Not near as many choices when I want to limit square foot. Also basements are not near popular except in this area because of tornadoes...that impacts my selection too. I think I would keep the dimension an even width of 32. The lot is open to change, I can buy just about any shape of an acre or 1.5 acres that I want which is handy. It's all flat until further back with maybe a 10 degree slope if I were to buy that. Easement is further north, and road is a decent ways from where I plan the front of the house. The south side would allow sun to shine into living quarters and kitchen, garage and patio type area are nicely accessible via the back door. This has all been accounted for.

I talked with a septic installer yesterday. I was quoted 8k without them looking at it. Last I knew they were 3,500 around here. They also said they were booked until July, but they do irrigation jobs more. I think I will look elsewhere. Something was brought to my attention, that being the leach field/lateral line 'needs to be NO more THAN 3 foot below ground'. I started wondering how the heck a basement would drain down to a septic tank where the overflow line is 3' below grade. Impossible without a sump pump or nice slope for house and septic to sit on, right?

I don't really fly with the little nook idea in the porch, and rather just move that porch out 6' so stairs can be included where the current porch is shown. I'd like some method of roof overhang on the south side (right side in design) so it could be a sitting area. Problem is my trusses would run down to that part (top and bottom would be gable ends) so and overhang most likely would block out light to my windows, or view out of them. Any tips here on what people do aside from make that the tall part of the roof? The land is barren so no trees are in the way, and landscaping would gradually be done around the house. There is a wind screen to the north, but it's almost too far away to do much (roughly 50')


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I figured that front porch wasn't what you had in mind. It is however a very good idea to have exterior doors sheltered as much as possible from wind driven weather. I would consider maybe moving it to the south wall to be under your overhang.

You can figure out how much overhang to have so that the winter sun always makes it to your windows but the hot summer sun is blocked most of the day. I would even think about making the wall on that side of the house higher if that's what it takes.

Its good to know about the leach field particulars ahead of time. There are options available that will allow you to have plumbing fixtures in the basement and a little research will give you an idea on how best to implement it. You will also want to get an idea of what the water table and soil conditions are like so can take measure if need be to make sure your basement won't become an indoor swimming pool.
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Building a new home is generally more expensive than remodeling a comparable home. Remodeling an existing home can be a small, inexpensive project designed to add storage space or update fixtures, where as building a new home carries the added cost of demolishing the old home, while building a new home elsewhere which means more expense.


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