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Corner Metal Pieces (brace) for outside cordners Needed Before Tile


Just finished hanging DenseSheild in my shower and was wondering for all the outside corners do I need those metal braces to help the corners from cracking and breaking? I didn't know if this was nessesary with Ceramic tile, but do know it's nesessary with reg. drywall.



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J. White:

No, the metal corner beads are there to strengthen the corner so that the drywall doesn't get damaged if it gets bumped or something. You normally wouldn't use them under ceramic tile.

You might, however want to phone up the places listed under "Ceramic Tile, Distributors" in your yellow pages and ask if you can snoop through their "Schluter" catalogue. Schluter is to ceramic tiling what Microsoft is to software. Schluter makes all kinds of tiling accessories that you can incorporate into your tiling to solve a lot of problems. For example, they make a flexible waterproof molding specifically for the back edge of counter tops where they meet the backsplash. This joint has to be both flexible and water tight, and it makes far more sense to pay a few bucks to get a ready made solution from Schluter than to rely entirely on beginner's luck to achieve such a joint. In your application, I expect they have brass, chrome and brushed aluminum corners that you can nail or glue to your wall's corner to cover the cut edges of any tiles at that corner. Schluter has all kinds of accessories, and if I were you I'd see what's available from them that you might want to work into your tiling. Or, visit their web site.

On your exterior corners elsewhere in your house, please don't use metal corner bead. Every drywall wholesaler and even every home center will sell Trim-Tex VINYL corner bead (or competitor's equivalent). These vinyl corner beads are superior in every respect to metal corner bead. (and I've installed enough corner bead to know) And, they're much easier to install. Just mix some white wood glue into your mud to make it stickier and dry stronger and "glue" the vinyl corner bead to your drywall corner with that sticky mud. Press the vinyl onto the corner tightly with a 4 inch (or smaller) taping knife so that the sticky mud oozes out of all the holes, use that sticky mud to put the first coat of joint compound OVER the vinyl corner bead with that 4 inch taping knife (or smaller), secure in place with painter's masking tape until the mud drys, pull off the painter's masking tape, put another coat of un-fortified mud over that, and you're off to the races.

Trim-tex makes a spray adhesive to install their vinyl corner bead with, but no one uses it. Any adhesive will work, even drywall joint compound made sticky by the addition of white wood glue.


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