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Originally Posted by oh'mike
Yuck----they should have used the sump pit

I did a basement for a fellow once--He got his own drywall crew---

He was shocked when the hangers left all the scraps on the floor and broken sheets---hundreds of pounds of junk---

Never asked about clean up---I had to tell him--there are THREE trades involved--Hangers--tapers--and scrappers---he just didn't know about the scrappers.

That explained why his guy was cheaper than my guy
Usually the hangers put their scraps in the walls and sheetrock over 'em.


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Originally Posted by rusty baker View Post
Having done flooring for almost 40 years, we are supposed to be the last trade in (like that ever happens). The trades that leave the biggest mess are the drywallers and electricians. Many times I've had the electricians come in after I had installed pad and just throw their trash (wire clippings, paper from outlet covers) all over the pad. At least the drywall mess is a one-time cleanup before I start.
You guys SHOULD be last but 9 times out of 10 it is the painter who has to clean up everybody elses mess.

Yes, electricians are the worst of the bunch and for the life of me ,I cannot figure out why.
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Bubbas, other than painters, think their mothers work for them and will still clean up after them. The best of even finish carpenters could be real slobs so on my projects I built in a sub-contractor clause that said you are responsible for cleaning up after yourselves or I will---at the end of the work day. Factor the time and cost into your bids guys. Yeah right, like I dared.

It took awhile to train them but I had great and expensive clean-up crews. Dumping stuff down heating vents stopped quickly. Leaving crap in basements and attics came second. Most of my subs got into the habit of at least sweeping up. I was not after immaculate perfection.

My clients wanted to see work in progress and I thought it looked tacky to see scraps all over the place that could have been swept up at the end of the day---they did not want to find them in their HVAC vents later. I was willing to pay for it so I wasn't being unreasonable. Selfishly I did not like crunching on pieces of 2 by and bad shot nails. It takes much less effort to clean a job site as you go. Last and most important is that a clean job site is a safer one.
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Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
You guys SHOULD be last but 9 times out of 10 it is the painter who has to clean up everybody elses mess.

Yes, electricians are the worst of the bunch and for the life of me ,I cannot figure out why.
Nope! Wrong this time on two counts. Plumbers have to be the best at not cleaning up ever after themselves. Landscape contractors will tell you they are always last on the job and have to try to plant a lawn where stuff was just tossed out windows. Ask any of them what they find and paint roller covers rank right up there with everything else they have to turn into a planting base. 4-24 months late for no fault of theirs, but responsible for everything back to the guy who screwed up the foundation inspection.
Client is screaming of course. Only contractor left is the landscape contractor. General is in hiding.

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On my jobs, the landscapers came after the cleanup crew. The yard leveled or the holes filled and ready for the landscapers. I always had a clean up crew for the final clean of the house also, windows washed after paint scraped, carpets cleaned and floors mopped and waxed, entire house cleaned ready to live in, even good air freshener. Sure it cost but that was just the norm for some builders, some charged for it, some just took the hit. It was turn key, not clients have to do a lot to move in.

Just one more slob story: Way back when I was working for my dad I was to install cedar T&G in a walk-in closet just off a bathroom. The door was closed so I waited for the guy in there to let me get in. He walked out and I walked in where he had just took a dump in the tub. Needless to say that guy cleaned it up before I worked in there.

Not all construction people are slobs, most care about their jobs or should I say some. I had some good subs and I only took on one job at a time (after I learned 5 crews just wasn't worth the trouble) so I was on the job everyday, most of my subs at least picked up after themselves, except my plumber, you didn't want to tick him off or the job would never get done.
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This: "...they usually try to clean the area where you can see..." says it all. Many contractors have a keen awareness of which shortcuts are easy to get away with. Most customers are clueless to this unless they are both knowlegeable and observant. Customers might check up on the contractors work progress once or twice or three times a day. During those brief inspection periods, the contractor might put on a show to make it look like they really care but as soon as your back is turned, that faked concern disappears.
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Back in the late, 70's - early, 80's - I worked for a roofing/siding
We had a large custom/semi-custom builder as an account (not "tract",
One thing that was impressed upon us from the start - all the "trades"
were equally, important!
Everyone works together, and everyone cleans up after themselves!!!
Everyone!!! - no "golden boys", no "prima donnas"! - nobody with an attitude - my trade is "this-or-that" - your trade is "just", "THAT"!

Since, I was on the job-site earlier and later, then most of the other "trades":
All the expensive tools I retrieved (before they "grew, legs") -
All the electricians, plumbers, framers, HVAC, concrete, brick-layers - people that became my friends!
Sometimes, I even did a little clean up when I saw something that I
knew was a "Big", "bad", "No-No" - if the superintendent, came out in
the morning and saw it!!
I was a "Sider" - no-one had to worry about me cleaning up! -
Aluminum = scrap = "free money"!

You're a "Pro"? - make it look like you're a "Pro"! -
Even if, all it means is piling up the stuff in the middle of the room!
Don't leave your "shot", strewn around!
End of "Vent"!


Happy Holidaze!
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As a flooring installer, we had to clean the floors before we went to work and almost all, bag the scraps and throw them in the dumpster. It seemed that most of the trades before us just left their mess knowing we would have to clean it. And many GCs seemed to think it was our job and would not pay extra. I have had to hire an extra person just to clean in front of us.
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All of my contracts state the areas we are to work in will be "broom clean" upon our arrival or we will not stay. Had to turn around and leave more than once over the years.
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On one job site I had to let the plumber go because of very bad workmanship. I had never used him before, so I learned a lesson. I tried to call him later but he would not take the call, in fact he would answer and then hang up. Well I didn't feel bad about not returning his brand new Rigid remote camera that he had left behind on the job. Hey I did try and return it.


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