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SPS-1 09-26-2010 04:24 PM

Clopay (H.D.) Garage Door
I am thinking about getting a Clopay HDP20 door. Thats the 2" thick one with the foamed in place insulation. The "snap in" series of windows are reasonably priced, but they didn't have a complete door together for me to look at. I saw one of Clopay's competitor's windows and it was just a long acryilic panel with a thin plastic facade on one side. From the inside, there was nothing and it looked like crap, and there was zero insulation in that panel.
Anybody have one of these doors, or had a good look at one ? How does the windows look ? Is there any insulation in that panel?
It would be nice to have some light coming through the door, but maybe I should just get it all solid.

aggreX 09-26-2010 04:59 PM

The foam makes the door seem more robust and dense but since the garage is usually not heated and some are drafty, you should not miss the insulation foam on that window panel. Some sheet foam could be added if there is room. The window option on garage doors tend to be thin and plastic but they do allow the light to come in.

Thurman 09-26-2010 05:01 PM

Mine's not Clopay, doesn't really matter what brand. The point is: In '96 I was building my shop out back, a 24 x 36 with two garage doors. After pouring the concrete I marked off where the two garage type doors would be. Now, this was in May, and in S. GA it is already hot. I noticed that the sun was setting at a S-SW type path and shining right into where the new doors would be. I then priced both the standard metal panel type doors and the insulated panel type doors. Yes, there certainly was a price difference but not so much that it scared me away. I did buy the 10 tall x 12 wide doors with the 2" insulation and have never, ever regretted it. When the sun is shining right into the door frame, I just close the door to keep the sun's rays and most of the heat out. Box fans in the windows on the East end pulling air through helps a lot. Depending on where you are located, spend the money on the insulation now, enjoy it later. David

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