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breezesa 11-28-2006 03:26 PM

Cleaning a spout on a used Brita
I was brought to this site by google and I see (after all of the registration) that there is no category for cleaning questions. Oh well, I'm here, maybe someone can help. I bought a Brita water dispenser used. Duh. But! I am on disability and can't afford a new one! It's the kind that goes in the fridge and has a spout that you can just put your glass under it for a drink. What would you use to run through the spout/spigot to make sure that there's not a lot of "smegma" etc. in it that will make me sick when I start to use it. Thanks, Sharon

Darylh 11-28-2006 08:41 PM

A small amount of vinager I would think, just like you do with a coffee machiine.

breezesa 11-30-2006 01:36 PM

I thought so.
Ya know!? That had entered my mnd but I was 't sure that it would kill everything that could have gotten in there! :) Thanks for taking the time to help. It wasn't a very interresting question or exciting thing to answer but I'm sure that you will be rewarded for your kindness. Me

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