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daman3178 08-17-2005 07:43 PM

Cleaning a porcelain tub
Ok I am back with another problem!! I have a porcelain tub that I took up some of those grip sticker out of. Now I can see the real color of the tub and I am trying to get it back to that color. We tried a lot so far so I will list what we tried on it!! Kaboom for tub and tiles, Bleach, Mold remover, Comet, and some type of bubble spray. None of these worked and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good stuff to try!! Open to just about anything, except replacing the tub!!!! Thanks!!

MgMopar 08-17-2005 08:41 PM

Those sticker removed probably were on the tub for a really long time. I am guessing the finish outside the area without the stickers is some what dull and faded. This is because it was exposed and worn. You most likely won't be able to clean the tub to match the finish left under them. The tub can be refinished professionally, or there are epoxy paint kits (can work good if used carefully and you find a good way to spray it) or there are company that will come out and make a slip in liner to give it a new fish. If you wanted to try things -- ether find a way to dull the finish under the old stickers or shine up the rest of the tub. Or you could always put new (slightly larger) stickers down. I can't be sure that is what happened but it is what commonly happens.

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