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Certainteed Weatherboard vs. Hardiplank

Having been a siding contractor for 25 yrs as well as a custom prefinisher for 10, I can say that both products have their good and bad points. CT is definitely a denser(brittler?) product, which creates different handling requirements than JH. It also means that CT will be less susceptible to moisture infiltration than JH. In our experience, the CT Fibertect system is far superior to JH PrimePlus in both paint finish quality and in preventing efflouresence.
To those that have had efflouresence and "excessive" shrinking issues, insist that your suppliers keep these products protected. 100% of these issues are created by moisture infiltration, and can be mitigated by proper storage and handling procedures. However, once on the jobsite, its kind of hard to blame the product when the installers have no regard to the protection of the product, or to the proper installation of it. I have seen siding sitting uncovered through torrential rains, snow, and sleet, which was then installed the next day. BAD IDEA!!!
By ignoring the mfg's instructions, these guys give the products, the prefinisher, the general contractor, and the entire industry a black eye.
The other thing to keep in mind, in regards to shrinking especially, is to look at the local climate you are in vs. the one the product was manufactured in. EX: Siding manufactured in Oregon and installed in AZ will most likely shrink...adjust your installation practices accordingly.

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Certainteed Weatherboard vs. Hardiplank

Originally Posted by mheadlee View Post
Yes. Live in Grove City, Ohio suburb of Columbus. We have 6" beaded siding that we paid extra for as an upgrade. Our siding is less than 5 years old and is warping terribly in areas that are near our windows. obviously due to the sun but seriously. how can i be responsible for anything other than full replacement siding and installation of a different type. this siding has an obvious manufacturing problem and should not be sold without correcting such. please let me know if you had any success with certainteed. my builder and its installing contractor said they have no responsibility to do anything.
Who was your installing contractor?
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25 yr contractor
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Certainteed Weatherboard vs. Hardiplank

Hold the phone there!! If you are experiencing warping and delamination around your openings, it MIGHT NOT be the siding!! There are a number of things that can cause this, not the least of which is the improper installation and sealiing of windows and doors. These provide the largest chance of escaping moisture in your home and should be considered. You may want to call your builder/contractor and have them remove some of the product to check for moisture infiltration. They need to check for proper metal flashing and caulking of the product and make sure that any exposed cuts have been painted.
It is also recommended that in high humidity areas, these products be installed on a rainscreen (furring strips) so that any moisture that gets behind will either dry or drain.
It may also be that the siding(hardi i presume) is simply defective.

To date, we haven't had any warping or delamination issues with Certainteed but our local climate is dry enough that we wouldn't expect any from either product. The issue we have seen with both is shrinking in the hot summer months

Hope this helps
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Certainteed Weatherboard vs. Hardiplank

The Hardie product came out of the Northwest and has the longest track record. There is no perfect solution for siding that will be 100% maintenance free regardless of what some sales person says. Cedar is no longer heart grade so it will rot in 1/3 the time with a new house unless it is kept patched and painted.

Hardie and other cement board products do contain silica which is released into the air while cutting or drilling. Silica causes silicosis (cancer) as it is too fine for the lungs to expel it and it builds up over time. My brother was a carpenter and his lungs are damaged from years of exposure to pressure treated wood. I know drywall contractors that are also afflicted from years of breathing in gypsum dust. My uncles and grandfather worked around wood all their lives but of course they never had to work with pressure treated timber or fiber cement board or be exposed to the thousands of chemicals we bring into our homes on a regular basis. I try to take precautions to minimize my exposure, particularly with insect or mold resistant products or treatments.

Hardie recommends scoring and breaking their cement board. I use a respirator when using a cut-off saw with the product and a Hole Pro hole cutter shield when making holes for pipes and vents. Tungsten carbide cutters will work well but bi-metal hole saws are slow and dull quickly. I have cut 8" holes in ship lapped Hardie siding with the Hole Pro adjustable hole cutter with its tungsten carbide blades and using just a 18 volt cordless hand drill. With the shield all the dust is collected and dumped into a bucket for disposal. Some companies have started to make snips that work with fiber cement board and are alternative to a cut-off saw that is worth considering.
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Certainteed Weatherboard vs. Hardiplank

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