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ltkenbo 09-11-2009 04:08 PM

Ceiling Leak Stain Repair Help Please
So yesterday I was filling up a bucket of water using an RO/DI unit I have. I had it sitting in the bathtub and the bucket has a float valve to stop the flow of water once full (and even if it didn't the tub would catch any runoff). Well the place where I tap into the water source is the cold side of the sink where I have installed a separate valve with a barb fitting which clear tubing connects to and runs to the unit.

Well aparently I didn't tighten the hose clamp enough and once it stopped filling I guess some pressure built up and began to trickle. A bowl I had under it caught it just in case but when I went upstairs later I noticed there was water on the floor and the bowl was full and had flowed over a little bit. Well some of the water ran out of the bathroom and under the hall carpet, which it wasn't horribly soaking but it was probably equivalent to a toilet overflowing.

Well a little bit later I noticed that water started dripping through down stairs (but not directly below) off to the side like the water had dripped across the above the ceiling because directly above that area no water had leaked. Even though there was only 1 spot dripping a couple other minor stains appeared also.

So I guess the question is which spots of the ceiling actually need to be replaced and which spots will I probably be ok with just using stain sealer and repainting? My mom thinks that not only the main stain but also the ceiling around it needs to be replaced due to small spotting nearby and she is worried about black mold. Most of the other stains are dry, the only one that seems to be bad is the main one. So how do I know? We are going to have someone inspect it but they are not coming until Monday. It can't hurt to dry the ceiling more with a heatgun or blow dryer can it, I suppose that would help so mold would not grow so quickly.

Here are all the pictures below:

So here is where the water leaked out, into the small area in the hall way (you can't tell cause it's mostly under and I dried a lot of it)

So here is the area below the bathroom and you can see the hallway and bathroom area at the top of the stairs you can also see the stains on the ceiling between the kitchen and the living area.

Here is a closeup of the most serious stain that was actually dripping causing some of the paint to peal.

Now here is that same stain but an entire view of it:

Here is the more minor stain across from the main one which never dripped and feels dry. You can see the small other spots which are between this stain and the major one.

Here is a very minor one in the adjacent kitchen.

Here you can see the minor and major stains and the small spots in between

bluegrass 09-11-2009 06:13 PM

If you are sure that the water came from this spot one time then the sheetrock should be ok. As you can see, the water made it's way along the top of the sheetrock and found the weakest points of the ceiling, the tape joints. There may still be some water there and you can check by making small holes just besides the tape joints. This will allow any water to drip down and should stop any mold from developing. Feel the sheetrock for softness, as some may need to be replaced. I'd also suggest re-screwing the areas with sheetrock screws, as the areas around the old screws may be weak. You may need to retape some of these areas, but you lucky to have a semi textured ceiling, which should be easier to blend in. Good luck

john curry 09-13-2009 06:38 PM

Once dried, "rust" looking stains can be removed from plaster board (ceilings) by spraying with a 50/50 solution of water and chlorine (laundry) bleach then blotted with paper towel.

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