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I also have the same problem but they also leave muddy tracks on our car and truck. It is aggravating to have the car washed and the next morning muddy tracks all over it. Our problem is the animal control will not come out unless an animal attacks someone. Our neighbor has cats and just lets them roam and keep on having more cats all the time. He is a good friend and we don't want to tick him off, not to mention he is twice my size

I am going to look into the motion sensor water deal, it would be worth that to keep them smelly fir balls away from our yard and to stop them peeing on our porch. Just had another thought, that won't work here, the water pressure is really high as they have to pump water up the mountains around us and that would blow the pipes all to pieces and a regulator added would be too much. Oh well, maybe the mothballs and vinegar will work.


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I've seen cats that are "fixed" but still spray.
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Buy a dog?
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Originally Posted by imola ghost View Post
How do you catch cats? Do you put food or something in the trap?
Harbor Freight sells traps....couple of different sizes....very humane....does not hurt the animal....I think I paid like $30

I put cat food in them....

It only took one time for my cats to learn to not go into them...yea...I caught my own cats too...


Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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