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Dale 04-28-2006 09:31 AM

Can Someone help me please
Hi, I was wondering if anyone reading this forum from the States, Canada, Australia or newzealand can give me some vital info which I am finding hard to find for myself.

Here in the UK we have something called

1:-Coving or Cornice, this is fixed between the ceiling/wall edge to create an ornamental feature, it has a plain finish (smooth edged) made with a plasterbased interior which is covered/wrapped in a type of stiff paper/cardboard, sometimes called Gyproc or Artex coving and can be fixed to the area using Texture or Wall board adhesive, if any one is familiar with this can you please please tell me where it can be purchased and at what stores in the above countries and also what is it called over there.

2:-There is also other forms of these same coving/cornice, they are either made from heavy porous white plaster, and the other type is kind of a moulded resin, these have an embossed pattern.

3:-We also have what we call standard Gyproc plasterboards that come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, some are tapered for jointing and some are not, are these called the same in the above countries and are they available, I don't know if they may be known as standard Wall boards.

4:-Around the centre light fitting of the ceiling there can be purchased an ornamental feature, this is usually called a rose, are they called the same or known as medalions, and where can they be purchased.

Any help you can give I would be truly gratefull indeed.

Dale Ovenstone

sharisavage 05-10-2006 03:22 AM

This is called crown moulding here. It comes in several different styles and widths, also in wood, pressboard, plastic, several different materials. It's available everywhere, that is every lumber store or home improvement store. Check and Lowe's will also have some excellent articles in the how-to library (just search it on the site) on moulding installation. Lowe's also sells a nice selection of medallions (or rosettes, they're called both here) as well as many other moulding options.

Getting it to UK might be a different proposition altogether, and since it's available just everywhere here, it seems illogical that it would be so difficult to find there. Best of luck and cheerio!

Dale 05-10-2006 06:35 AM

Can someone help me please
Hi Sharisavage
Thanks for getting in touch and for the info.
All the best

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