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netmdr 04-09-2009 08:25 AM

Cable TV connections
I have a home in Maine and have a cable wire running to the TV in the living room. I would like to now add tv's to the bedrooms but dont want a mess of wires running all over the outside of the house. I went to a home show once and saw a connection box meant for a cellar where the cable wire came in and connected there and if you wanted to run wires to anywhere else, they connected at that box also. The sales person said it was exclusive to their product. Is that true? Are there any boxes like that for regular cable hook up? I would like to be able to change locations of the TV without having torun wires, just plug it into a cable connection on the walls

Chemist1961 04-09-2009 08:51 AM

You can purchase an amplifying splitter in a number of electronic stores. The norm in new contsruction where I live is to run a group of lines to the attic and down the inside of the walls of each room from above. You may have these rough ins in the wall alraedy depending on the age of your home. Depending on code you may also be allowed to fish them through cold air returns.

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