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Buying a pocket hole jig - Need advice

This morning while I was trying to get out of bed, an infomercial for a pocket hole jig was playing (I'm not sure if this site likes to use name brands or not) and I became interested in a product such as this.

First off, is this a tool worth having? It seems to make a lot of projects go a lot smoother and I can build simple pieces without having to go to an RTA store and pay their prices.

Secondly, the product on TV was roughly $100. Is it worth getting one with the integrated clamping device? I have also found some others on the internet w/o the clamp for $30.

Any advice would is much appreciated. TIA


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the one on tv is prob overpriced. you can get one at home depot for about 20 dollars. if you want a more expensive one get a Kreg jig. they have a few different sets. wait for a sale.


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I have only seen the Kreg used on a job site. It is akin to calling a bandage a Bandaid, and gellatin Jello.
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I purchased the Kreg jig from Lowes about six months ago, the model with all the bells and whistles. I recall it was about $120. The main reason I got it was to install the rails on my deck using pocket screws. For that it worked very nicely. I also found it was quite handy for installing supports on the deck for trim boards.

I have a lot of different tools for joining boards, including a biscuit joiner, doweling jig, Kreg jig, and various router bits that can make various joint shapes for example frame and panel doors. The Kreg jig is good, relatively fast, and easy to use. The joints seem to be pretty strong. It is not the solution for all problems, nor is it a replacement for traditional joinery, but it certainly has its place. Whether there are less expensive alternates, I have no idea, but I have no complaints about the cost to benefit ratio. By the way, I do not own stock in Kreg, or any other woodworking company for that matter.
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Its a good fast way to assemble face frames.
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Originally Posted by Daniel Holzman View Post
I. By the way, I do not own stock in Kreg, or any other woodworking company for that matter.

Daniel ---Buy some stock-----Those woodworkers like to buy tools!
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I have several small tools from rockler. Good quality.
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Get the full blown Kreg that clamps. The loose guides are worthless.
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I like using my Kreg jig to assemble face frames, but it's definitely overpriced for what you get. IMO, the full Kreg kit is full of things you'll never use or need, and the integrated Kreg clamp is no better than any other clamp you may already have. You basically just need the jig, the stepped drill bit, and a 4" long square drive screw gun bit.

The special pocket hole screws are also a bit over-priced, but they perfectly fit the hole and they won't break.


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