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Building is settling...wall separating from ceiling...need ideas!

Okay my Uncle owns a condominium and the building is quite old. As a result, in one section the wall has begun to separate from the ceiling. At the largest there is about a 2" gap, which gradually decreases. He intends to sell the place sometime soon and naturally the realtor wants this fixed first.

My initial thought was to fill the area with silicon for a base, let it dry, and then use SHEETROCK® Brand All-Purpose Joint Compound to fill in the rest, possibly using multiple layers as needed. I would then sand it down so it is flush with both the wall and the ceiling.

Then, once this is all done and painted, etc. I was going to put up crown moulding to cover any imperfections.

Experts: Does this plan seem sound? Will it work? Does anyone have any other suggestions? If it is a good plan is there a specific type of silicon I should use? Any ideas and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Well I will take the fall for this one. The problem with the settling needs to be repaired proffessionaly. Would you be willing to purchase the property, not knowing about a covered up fault? We are reworking our home with faults hidden from the home inspector and never revealed by the realestate handeler. It was a repo house. We have spent thousands, and are not finished spending more money. We cannot honestly do that to the next buyer. Your uncle needs to rethink the situation.


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2" is too big a gap to fill with compound and expect it to hold. Your best bet is to find a piece of molding to cover it and there is no need to fill it if you do that. Just caulk to the new trim. I agree that you will probably have to disclose that the building has settled so much but will leave that to the real estate folks in your area.
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Is this an interior wall? exterior?
Are there Condo's above & below with the same problem?
This could be a bigger problem then you think
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Okay, the ethics involved are definitely not up to me...I am just trying to help, but I do understand the concerns and they are 100% legitimate. I do not know if anyone else in the building is experiencing the issue. It is an interior wall and the condo is on the 2nd floor of the building, which has 4 levels including the basement. Unfortunately if the building is settling what could a professional do? He is not going to pay to have the foundation of the building corrected...etc...just not sure how to go about the ethical concerns...
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Ask your Realtor. He/she may know the best course of action from a similar experience. May involve a Structural Engineer, a disclosure statement, home inspector, possibly an Attorney, etc.
Be safe, Gary


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